Karachi Just Got an ‘Animal Service Station’ Ahead of Eid [Video]

While everyone is busy getting animals for Eid-ul-Adha, Karachi has got its first cow service station where you can get your sacrificial animals serviced.

The cleaning service allows you to get your animals cleaned properly, much like you get your cars serviced, in just Rs 100.

The idea might seem bizarre, but it is actually working and the guy running the business is getting plenty of requests for servicing their animals.

The service station has gone viral on social after a Karachi resident posted a video where a cow was being cleaned.

Pakistanis are never out of business ideas and while others may debate on the lack of entrepreneurial culture in the country, there are actual businesses running on creative ideas. These may be on a small scale, or some may be seasonal businesses, but those having innovative ideas are doing unique stuff.

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