PTCL Updates Its Data Usage Limit for Broadband Connections

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has introduced different data caps for connections below and above 20 Mbps under its Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

The FUP for broadband fixed-line services is aimed at offering the best internet experience to all the users, as per PTCL.

According to the details, the customers who have internet connections of under 20 Mbps, cannot exceed data usage of 1 TB. After exceeding the limit, the users will have to pay additional charges. For instance, you can get another 100 GBs of data for Rs 200, whereas the maximum additional charges have been fixed at Rs 3,000, after which you can use unlimited internet.

For users with broadband speeds higher than 20 Mbps, the limit has been set to 2 TB, whereas the additional volume bucket (100 GBs) will cost Rs 200. If the additional charges exceed Rs 5,000, you can avail unlimited internet.

Here’s a summary of the FUP.

Below 20 Mbps

Allowed Usage 1 TB (1,000 GBs)
Additional Volume Bucket 100 GBs for Rs. 200
Maximum Additional Charges after which it becomes unlimited Rs. 3,000 (for 15 buckets/1500 GBs)

Above 20 Mbps

Allowed Usage 2 TB (2,000 GBs)
Additional Volume Bucket 100 GBs for Rs. 200
Maximum Additional Charges after which it becomes unlimited Rs. 5,000 (for 25 buckets/2500 GBs)

What are your thoughts on the new Fair Use Policy? Let us know in the comments section.

Feature Writer

  • First, they need to fix the connections issues and connectivity I am dam sure that PTCL user will never ever reached to this limit (in ka internet connections for Under 20MB users is horrible) when users don’t have connectivity then how they will be reached to its limits…

    • Yes, u r saying right, ptcl should focus on their connectivety issue, always faced “frequent disconnection” and no speedy response on complaint.

    • Sab areas mai worst nahi hai, i m using since January 2009 its amazing throughout, now i have 15Mps its so good till now.

    • I’ve 25Mbps Connection in Small Town Mailsi, My Usage above 2200 GB’s, My Line Also Supports up to 100mbps Connection due to Newly established Fiber Exchange last Year, pehle to 2mb bhi ni chalta tha.

  • PTCL ka net chalay to tab koi faida ho na. Latency issues, connection drops, bandwidth fluctuations, cable cuts, fibre cuts…poor customer support, overbilling & extra billing… kon konsa problem btaun? Volume caps brhana is good but these problems are a huge let down…

  • There are abusers in all the systems and same is the case with ptcl. Normal high user can have average download of 500-700gb. So i think this is a right step to curb the abusers.

  • 1TB and above usage.. wo b PTCL k oper… mazaq k elawa kuch b nahi… em a PTCL BB user… kabi 200GB se exceed nahi ker gya.. inki shandar speed n service ki waja se

    • PTCL aisi company hai k 1Gbps ka connection bhi offer ker sakti hai, per speed 1Mbps jitna bhi nahi ho gi..

    • I’ve 25Mbps Connection in Small Town Mailsi, My Usage above 2200 GB’s, My Line Also Supports up to 100mbps Connection due to Newly established Fiber Exchange last Year, pehle to 2mb bhi ni chalta tha.

  • I m using ptcl bb from 7years
    In my village, has not internet coverage of any other network
    So i m using 2mb pkg
    Because ptcl cables cannot give me extra speed..
    So this is better option for my connectivity..
    Thanks ptcl

  • I condemn the new fair usage policy, as i remind you that few years back, PTCL gave 300GB fair usage policy for 4mbps speed and now its giving 1TB for below 20mbps, if it is correlated 300gb in 4mbps with 1TB in 20mbps. Is it fair policy of PTCL for their customers?. I hope PTCL should take a look at their new policy of usage as their customers can get benefit.

  • Here in Tharushah city, District :- Naushahro Feroze Sindh, your PTCL Network evn does ot work in 4 MB. NETWORK always suspended. Even PTCL fail on loadshedding daily. Sorry to say ur aystem is on collapse here in our city. Ur advertisement is only deception of making money. Kindly imrove ur quality and network rr.running

  • I’m using PTCL from 1 year. I’ve 8Mbps connection. I’ve IPTV app installed so I’m streaming 100s of HD channels and never faced any speed issue.

    Ooper se, fedral tax, gst, provisional tax, line rent, call charges (jo kisi ko nahi chahiye), wageera wageera taxes…

    Help line waly bolay gay 2 din mein issue resolve ho jaye ga, line man bolay ga, connection hi katwa lo…
    aur 4mb per 1/2mb ki speed bhi nahi ho gi..

  • This policy is not good for me because i am daily uploader of big pc games on a site and my normal usage is 7 to 8 tb i am using a 100mb connection and i have no complains because its fiber to home connection and speed and latency is good till now but i will be effectes by this cap so not good for me

  • Great PTCL. I am using 6MB with IPTV. No problem found for last four years. Great speed great service.
    Thanks PTCL

    • I never satisfied with ptcl service, always faced low speed+ frequent disconnection+much casual response on complaint

  • Interesting here in this article, we are talking about only two tears Below 20Mbps or Above 20Mbps. Can anybody tell me here if 20Mbps itself falls in the Below OR Above 20Mbps bracket?

  • Above 20mbps ki sirf agar free main bhi mile mujhe tab bhi mujhe manzoor nahi. Itni ghatiya service. Toba.

  • PTCL broadband was never rated for QOS. Among the member administrations of ITU where the initiatives of Capacity Building on Broadband is on the high. The G-Pon Gigabyte Passive Optical Network is all taken by most PTA licensed broadband service providers which has swept the market for G-Pon throughout the industry.
    I suggest PTCL should take services from J.D. Power for carrying a survey of PTCL for QOS.

  • The Gutka-Gathia service is world acclaimed, with Farts blend excellent for Gathiology loop. Yes their P-Pon of PTCL is service with most issues. I heard as they will suspend.

  • So why PTCL advertise their packages as Unlimited as they have limit of 1TB / 2TB . A normal 4K streaming user easily cross it so it is unfair . PTCL should give atleast 10TB limit for connection

    • Yes you are right WOW sane people still exist. If someone has 4k TV and downloads 4k remuxes of Movies and TVShows then 1-2 TB is nothing.

  • fup is another bureacratic means to put costumers off . why man if you offer unlimited internet why are you now putting bench marks over it and charging extra too — will you charge less if the customer uses less gb ???
    ofcourse not !
    so stop fleecing costumers — you will lose them if you keep using such under hand means !
    if once you have said unlimited at the time of connection – keep it so !

  • PTCL is a fraud and beggar company. its line man’s takes rishwat for any minor line issue or connectivity issue otherwise they cannot do any work. Now they put FUP on all packages because customers had installed there connections by seeing unlimited data, when they see our customers are increased now put the FUP and get more money from them. I will never ever pay the extra charges I will disconnect and install Wateen connection which is easily reachable for me. Totally fraud and rishwat khor company PTCL.

  • it’s not good because when ptcl a company say That unlimited data broadband connection than no fair policy.
    Ptcl Is bigger company in Pakistan and full of cover of Pakistan so plz give us unlimited data

  • I am from Lahore and I am going to install Witribe and closing the connection of PTCL because PTCL has lot of problem, Line issue, Fiber Cut, Connectivity Issue, Upload 0 & Download Low, Upload Low & Download 0, and much more. Their line man take rishwat to reslove issues I am just going to Install witribe its too much better than PTCL because witribe is totally uninterrupted internet and tension free service. Go to Hell PTCL

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