Telenor Infinity Smartphones and Yellostone Announce Mega Azadi Deal

Telenor Infinity Smartphones and Yellostone are announcing the Mega Azadi Deal on this Independence Day. This deal features a discounted price on three of their latest Infinity 5th generation 4G smartphones, powered by the latest Android operating system; Android GO edition in Infinity i5, and Android Pie in Infinity e5 and Infinity e5 Pro.

All three phones are capable of running 4G and have large displays. e5 Pro has a triple camera with 6.1″ HD waterdrop screen. The phones feature moderate batteries and are capable enough for their prices.


These smartphones are manufactured by Condor which is an Algerian company that ensures quality in all of their products.

Yellostone is the exclusive distribution partner of Telenor Infinity Smartphones in Pakistan, dealing across Pakistan.

Have a very happy Independence Day and Eid and enjoy these amazing Telenor Infinity Smartphones.

  • Telenor partner Condor Algeria from YelloStone exclusive Distributor in Pakistan for special Promo on Independence Day, which exclusive support guarantee would be with Telenor Pakistan a strong candidate with indications of 5G launch way ahead for the Digitization process in Pakistan. Would Telenor be able to support the product with the comments in PP. Well I’m a dedicated customer of Telenor and would purchase subject to Telenor allows extended warranty, price rebate of Independence Day. I know Telenor has renewed the license without any argument with the regulatory authority. Please let me know with your reply to my comment.

  • Telenor has been a caring company and unique Norwegian support concern here in Pakistan. Reference to the ad., for Independance Day offer. Please do go thru the comments to the story, which are self explanatory. Besides I visited the Olx site and noticed the same product on offer has no rating with the user. Its on offer by most. Please do check. May I suggest LG Korea their handset has the quality which would be better than Samsung, and a very good quality, standards, particularly the handset with AI, and Picture ID., with premium features. I’m a fan of LG, and had used the handset but was stolen. I suggest please review, and consider the import of LG and support network from LG also upgadeable towards 5G.

  • Pure Baarish Main Le K Kal 15/AUG/2019 Ko TELENOR K Signal Proper Aye hai

    Orangi K Kuch Places Main :


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