Google Assistant Now Lets You Set Reminders For Family Members

Moderately skilled smart assistants have been serving the immediate needs of their users for some time now. These mostly include instructions like “play a song’, ‘wake me up at X am’, ‘turn on the lights, etc. Features sported by smart assistants are optimized every now and then. The most recent development is Google doubling its reminder feature.

Google via Google assistant is bringing a tool that will extend the utility of reminders and will become a means of passive-aggressive communication between flat-mates, housemates or family members. The feature will work on Android Smartphones and iPhones, smart speakers, smart display, and well, anything that runs the Google Assistant.

The best part is, this feature will not allow everyone in your family to set reminders for you. Only people who are added to your family group will be able to send and receive reminders. You can also block people in your family group list to prevent them from sending you reminders.

The feature will be rolled out in the US, UK, and Australia next week and is pretty easy to use. All you have to do is create a family group at and manage your devices.

Setting up reminders is quite simple as well. Just like you give basic instructions to your assistant, you can schedule reminders using time of day and location e.g. “Hey Google, remind John to take out the trash at 8 PM”, “Hey Google, remind Claire to pick up flowers when she gets to the San Francisco Ferry Building” etc.

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