Citizens With One Unregistered IMEI on Dual SIM Phones Are Advised to Register Them Before 31st August 2019: PTA

Mobile phone users that have more than one SIM/IMEI slot, where one IMEI is registered and the second hasn’t been registered, are advised to get them registered with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) before 31st August 2019.

To register such devices, users can send an email at [email protected] with the following details:

  1. Screenshot of the device showing all programmed IMEI
  2. Screenshot of device box showing IMEI(s)
  3. Copy of CNIC
  4. Contact details of applicants

PTA will evaluate all such requests, and validated cases will be registered accordingly. After 31st August 2019, the 2nd IMEI cannot be registered.

To check the status of a Mobile device, dial *#06# and SMS the 15 digit IMEI codes to 8484.

Mobile device users are advised to get all IMEIs (dual SIM) of their mobile devices registered with PTA.

  • Ab to PTA new phone bhi band kar raha hay jo approved hain … Ye chah rahay hain k log smart phone use he karna band kardain

  • highly unprofessional and it will lead to another misuse of this activity bullshit PTA do things systematically … raat ko khuwab aa jata hia or subah lago kar detye ho ..

  • O jahilon iska mtlb hai k jinka dual sim phone ay or wo aik imei register ni krwa saky us phone ki to wo free mai krwa len register mentioned details provide kr k .

    • Bhai, bilkul yahi matlab hai is post ka but you were a bit aggressive at salutation

      Is k ilawa awam se guzarish hai k hrs k comment k likes ko barhaye ta k is post ka asal maqsad sab samajh sake q k 6 comments me 1 hi bande ne is post ko sahi explain kiya hai

    • Ap ghalat hain. PTA k system me koi masla ho gaya tha isliye bauhat saray dual sim phones ki 2nd IMEI khud hi unregister ho gai. Ab vo apni ghalti ki waja se logon ki doosri IMEI free me register kar rahay hain 31st August tak.

      Mere aik dost k paas b dual sim phone hai jo k vo aik saal se use kar raha tha, recently us ki 2nd IMEI khud hi block ho gai is liye mujhe ye pata hai.

      • nahi hua koi masla. i have dual sim phone and only one sim which is active was registered. PTA only registered active sim IMEIs as they cant know if there is another sim slot.

        • Mene ye to nahi kaha na k sab k sath masla hua hai? Mera dost koi 1 saal se dono sim slots use kar raha tha. 1 mahinay pehle khud hi 2nd IMEI block ho gaya. Ab itni si baat me jhoot bol k me konsay croron bana loonga bhai? Ap k sath masla nahi hua to achi baat hai lekin iska ye matlab to nahi hai na k pooray Pakistan me kisi k sath masla nahi hua?

        • So they didn’t know there can be a dual sim phone? Don’t you chose mobile phone model when you register it online? All model listed are single sim phones?

  • Jis tarah PTA ka system bekar hai usi tarah in ko jo chala rha hai. Ab jb inhon ne aik sim register krli hai tu dosre bhi automatically register kr leni chahye inko ko.. In mein bhi haramkhori bhari pari hai. Bs paise kaise bnane hain woh steps jaldi lelete hain baki koi proper system bna k km kia jae woh lena nahn aata. Bare choor k bachey hain yeh sb

    • Programmed imei ka matlab ye hai k jab ap *#06# dial karte jo aur mobile screen par jo imei ata hai

      Programmed imei SHAYAD is liye kaha q k ye mobile k andar programming k zariye dala huwa hota hai

    • Dear tiger woods

      J se hi ap sim insert karte ho imei khud pta k pas chala jata hai to dekhlo agar mobile registration k liye imei send karna hai to is me apka faida hai ar agar nahi send karte to ap ka nuqsan

  • Main Saudi Arab se Aaya hoon aur PTA mera ek phone bhi renu nahi kar raha 8484 b band kar diya hai

  • The most silliest thing that PTA can do. If one imei is registered and system knows that it is a dual sim it should automatically register the second imei. It took me almost 3 weeks to get my imei registered that too after visiting the office 5 times

  • Can anyone help me? I have a Samsung S7 with dual sim with one slot for sim and the other slot for Sim2/sd card. When I am checking the IMEI, it shows same IMEIs for both slots. Is this Ok?

  • All the extremely EDUCATED,COOL,WANNABES desperate to use SMARTPHONES, please DONOT make fool out of urself by just being the most UNEDUCATED with ur worthless whining and shameless efforts to go against the system.
    Atleast educate urself enough that u know what you are being dramatic about.
    This post is about registering already “REGISTERED FONES” that have dual sim, as people might have registered only one IMEI, since dual sim slots have 2 different numbers for IMEI.
    NOT A STORY : I had registered only one IMEI in MARCH 2019, (bought from dubai in September 2018). And MIND YOU all the spineless and brainless instigators of this society, it was free of cost- right from my sofa i.e through PTA’s website, because providing exact accurate details and because I respected the DEADLINES and followed the processes just as PTA described.

    • After end of June pta closed this opportunity for overseas Pakistani we have to pay tax according the list

    • abay konse zamane ki kahan suna raha hai? ………. the thing is that the free lunch is no more whether u r sitting on a sofa or making urself ease with a lota …..
      some phones bought from abroad are still in grey list, therefore they were allowed access ……… but most of the ppl getting msgs to register ………..
      ……….. last but not least …….. why mentioning #pti here? aren’t they doing the same what previous harameeees did

    • Wow, more than your reply which has the same information others are providing I’m impressed with the talent, unlike you I have to do an effort to be rude to anyone I do not know.
      A few questions, PTA system doesn’t allow to chose dual SIM models when registering online? If not then why not, if yes then why it doesn’t ask user for both IMEI numbers before registration request is submitted?

  • iphone max may esim wale k se register karain gai?*060 se imei nh show hota.un k liy yahi tarika hy kia?

  • اسلام علیکم ورحمتہ اللّٰہ
    دیار غیر میں رہنے والوں ج دم تو بھرتے ہیں مگر ایک فون بھی نہیں لاسکتے جو وہ استعمال کرتے آرہے ہیں بہت ذیادتی کی بات ہے بہت سے لوگ استعمال شدہ فون خریدتے ہیں ان سے بھی نئے فون جیسا ٹیکس ۔۔۔اچھی سزا ہے

    • دیار غیر میں رھنے والے پاکستانی کسی بھی ملک کا سفر کریں لیکن موبائل پر ٹیکس کوئی ملک نہیں مانگتا، پاکستان سے باھر رھنے والے پاکستانی قانونی طور پر مقامی پاکستانی نہیں جو پاکستان میں ھی مقیم ھیں، انکا پاکستان میں آنا بلکل کسی بھی ملک میں عارضی سفر جیسا ھے، لیکن افسوس کہ ھم میں سے کوئی اس پر پاکستانی عدالتوں کا رخ نہیں کر سکا
      ترسیلات زر کیلئے یہ ھماری طرف دیکھتے ھیں لیکن عزت افزائی ایئر پورٹ سے ھی شروع ھو جاتی ھے

  • Boht he gnda system bna rkha ha main ny tax pay kr dea PTA ki app sy check kro to registration ho chuki JB Sims dalo to abi tak ni chal rhi Sims bnda in sy puchy Kia ab tax ly k b pait ni bhary in k

  • What Does it mean ?
    Screenshot of device box showing IMEI(s)
    Is that a Picture of mobile Box where Imei sticker Pasted ?
    Please I Help Guys

  • pta ke requirement hai agr kise ke pass box nahin hai to bata dain nahin hai is main pray shan honye to koi bat nahin

  • What is the Step by Step guide to get:
    1. Screenshot of the device showing all programmed IMEI
    2. Screenshot of device box showing IMEI(s)

  • PTA should hire someone IT educated and business educated who understands hiw to monetise a process without a thousand loopholes. The current status of PTA is pathetic, to say the least.

  • Ma ny *8484# py apna IMEI bhejy hain.. dono IMEI note 8 k.. to dono k sath mujhy msg mila hai k ap ka IMEI pta sy tasdeeq shuda hai.. to mera khayal hai k ab mujhy ye sub krny ki zrurt nahi hai?? Am I right?? Please guide

  • کیا کوئی مجھے بتا سکتا ہے کہ یہ فری میں ہے یا پیسے دینے پڑیں گے پلیز گائیڈ کریں

  • یار کوئی خدا کے لیے سچ بتا دے کہ اب کوئی فری موبائل رجسٹر کروانے کا طریقہ ہے

  • What rubbish why do we need to email credentials to register 2nd imei for dual sim phones if 1st imei is already registered and we already have PTA stamp on box.. Really unjustified

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