National Incubation Center Welcomes its 6th Cohort

National Incubation Center Pakistan is welcoming its sixth batch of innovative startups. After weeks of intense evaluation and interviews, 21 startups have been selected for the sixth cohort.

Over 1000 startups had applied for the sixth cohort, with 74 making it to the interview stage. A deliberation panel including tech experts, lead mentors, industry veterans finally decided to select high growth stage startups this time, working towards the UN Sustainable Development goals (SDG) goals.

Welcoming the New Cohort

August 7th marked the first day of the sixth cohort, as the NIC welcomed the batch of entrepreneurs by holding an orientation session for the21 startups to familiarize them about the program. The session entailed presentations from Ignite -NTF, Jazz, and Teamup.

Participating startups got the chance to tour the facility and the opportunity to interact and connect with the team, mentors, and startups currently incubated at the NIC.

A new generation of innovative startups working in transportation, fintech, social networks, ed-tech, augmented reality and virtual reality, media and entertainment, real estate and healthcare have been inducted into the new cohort.

These startups went through rigorous interview sessions with a high profile panel of judges. Selecting startups this time was challenging as the judges emphasized the uniqueness of ideas, use of technology, scalable startups that have high potential to grow and create impact.

Here are the startups that made it to the 6th Cohort:

Varga Core

Varga Core is a music startup which is teaching aspiring musicians how to use digital tools to help them survive as independent artists. The startup aims to equip musicians with the knowledge of music theory, vocal training, instrument learning, use of digital audio workstations and how to get paid gigs.

XpertFlow Technologies

This startup aims to develop a product that assists healthcare professionals to monitor critical patients in real-time. The device will allow the doctors and nursing staff to focus on their work by prioritizing the patients based on the nature of each patient.

Indus Heritage Club

The idea with this startup is to tell the story of the Indus valley by offering an immersive heritage experience that blends history with art, culture, and dialogue. The startup’s mission is to revive the immense heritage of the Indus Valley through its platform.


Fowrry is a one-stop-shop platform that provides B2B and B2C smart delivery solutions. Delivering from restaurants and grocery stores to pharmacies and home kitchens, Fowrry plans to become your ultimate delivery partner.


Abey KHAO is a social enterprise restaurant aiming to empower the hearing-impaired youth in the country.  It produces lighthearted foodstuffs based on family recipes and generates livelihood/enterprise opportunities for members of the deaf community. Their ambition is to reduce language barriers, create an enabling environment and equip the deaf community with the required skills.


According to a report, there is only 1 doctor for 957 people in Pakistan. MedXol wants to disrupt this industry by offering an all in one web-based solution for your medical needs.


Employees are usually resistant to change when companies are upgrading their processes and making them digital. Techflo is extracting the visual interface to bots and is aiming to remove employee resistance by embedding company systems into a familiar platform (Skype, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc.). Their broad-spectrum bots will cover internal company communication and customer management making it easy for companies to implement large scale changes.

Frames Pie

FramesPie is Pakistan’s original eye-care brand with your eye-health as its top priority. Their platform offers a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience with a broad product offering segregated into different categories. The objective is to develop an ecosystem that interconnects products, services, and solutions related to eyewear making them convenient and accessible for masses.

AIYIN has built an immersive, practical and experience-based learning platform for the special and needy students. Their cloud-based platform can be used to build remote science labs that can empower millions of underprivileged students studying in far-flung areas.

LIVE Stick

LIVE Stick is a smartphone gadget with a wireless microphone along with a camera shutter button. The Bluetooth controlled device is a combination of 6 smartphone holding gadgets. It can be used as a selfie stick, mobile tripod, and multi-use phone holder.


Prolimb is developing indigenous modular and reliable prosthetic hands for people who have suffered various accidents. The products will be cost-effective and will provide functionality for activities of daily life (ADLs). With a fully customizable design, unique linkage configuration and easily replaceable parts the startup is confident to improve the lives of thousands of people across the country.

Qadam Knee Joint

Qadam Knee joint aims to create a low-cost prosthetic limb that can be accessible to people with disabilities. It’s the first indigenously developed transfemoral prosthesis available in Pakistan. It costs way less than the devices being currently imported and lies in a price range that is affordable for local patients.

Coral Doe

Coral Doe aims to become Pakistan’s first fair-trade fashion brand. The team’s mission is to create high quality, affordable, and comfortable clothing that is sustainable and ethical. They aim to become Pakistan’s first socially minded fashion brand and the first brand to educate consumers on the impact of their buying decisions.

Receptive Systems Solutions

Receptive Systems Solutions is developing a simple 3D printer for small and medium-sized enterprises. Their solution is user-friendly, easily accessible and low cost. Their aim is to build locally developed hardware products and help local businesses by improving their setup using IoT.


Stash is a startup which is making grocery shopping easy. It is an online platform that gives customers access to nearby stores, delivering grocery at your doorstep. It will give customers multiple payment methods with detailed information of selected items.

Spire Aqua Kit

The idea is to address the water shortage issue by developing a simple, smart and cost-effective system for use in washrooms. The purpose of the kit is to collect and filter greywater from the washbasins and showers and used to flush in toilets.


Izafa is a digital platform that will allow Pakistani nationals and overseas Pakistanis to make investments in property projects from as little as PKR 50,000, hassle-free and with complete security. A complete end to end solution starting from sourcing of a building project to purchasing the property and ending at the completion of the project.

Baa Dum Tsss

A content creation platform that allows creators to showcase their work. The startup aims to bridge the gap between aspiring content creators and raw talent in the country via video content. The goal is to allow Millennials to spend time wisely on the internet and make a living out of it.


GrowPaisa aims to make investment simple and accessible to everyone in Pakistan. The team has developed a digital trusted platform for potential investors to compare various mutual funds. The investors can find the right portfolio for their needs through robo-advisory and get personalized assistance for larger investments.


The startup is using augmented reality technology to develop a single platform where the customers can Try-On different brands of glasses/spectacles and find their local optical Vendor stores all through a single platform.


AugmentCare is leveraging mobile technology to make healthcare more accessible by connecting patients with doctors, making medical advice on the go possible. A one-stop solution for all your medical needs!

The NIC continues with its vision of supporting startups in their mission to create successful companies at scale and to ultimately build a thriving community of innovative entrepreneurs with this batch.