Rawalpindi Police Arrests Couple for Sexually Abusing, Filming 45 Girls

Police have arrested a couple in Rawalpindi for kidnapping, sexually assaulting, recording inappropriate videos of, and blackmailing dozens of girls, including minors, in Rawalpindi.

City Police Officer (CPO) Mohammad Faisal Rana has revealed that they took action on a complaint lodged on August 3 by one of their victims who is an M.Sc. student at Allama Iqbal Open University.

The accused couple, Qasim Jahangir and Kiran Mehmood, has confessed to the sexual assault of 45 girls and photographing and filming of at least 10 victims.

The complaint states that the victim, who is also married, was lured by a woman pretending to be a fellow student. The woman told her that her ‘brother’ was coming to pick her. After a few minutes, a man came in a grey car and the woman pushed the girl inside the vehicle and threatened her with a knife to silence her.


Ministry of Human Rights Focusing on Protection of Children from Child Abuse

The couple took the victim to a house in Gulistan colony where Qasim allegedly raped her while Kiran took pictures and filmed the crime. They threatened the victim and blackmailed her to make sure she doesn’t talk about it. They dropped her on Tipu Road that night.

The couple confessed to kidnapping several girls of ages 8-12 and subjecting them to the same crimes. The police have also recovered videos and photographs from the reported house.

According to the police official, the couple sold the photos and videos to an international porn website. “The wife has been sent to Adiala jail on judicial remand by the court while the husband is in police custody on physical remand,” says CPO Rana.

The CPO has also directed to identify the accused in the pictures and videos and lodge a separate case for each incident. The photos and videos have been sent in for forensic examination.

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