PTA To Take Steps to Resolve Customer Issues More Aggressively

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) plans to resolve consumers’ issues more aggressively by setting up a sophisticated and rapid responsive unit of Consumer Relationship Management (CRM) System in the coming months.

The project should be considered as quintessential with paramount importance as the telephone services are the biggest utility in the country with over 161 million connections.

In 2018, the authority addressed over 40,000 complaints from the telecom sector but it is termed as the tip of the iceberg as a majority of customers are unaware of the PTA complaint service for quality-related issues and overcharging by operators.

The telecom watchdog has also been active on different social media platforms which has also increased its interaction with the customers. However, there are emerging issues requiring interactive customer interaction and awareness such as DIRBS.

PTA’s Present Cell

PTA is managing complaints through Consumer Protection and DIRBS project. At present 10 telephone lines, walk-in consumer counters, website and email are available to the telecom consumers to address their queries and complaints.

Methods through which consumers can interact with PTA include:

i. Telephone Lines

ii. Walk-in consumers are served at Consumer services center

iii. Ticketing system which is integrated with PTA’s website

iv. Contact us form at website

v. Email

vi. SMS

Consumer queries or complaints are managed through different databases of different offices of PTA. The manual entries of these complaints and queries increase back-office processes and also often result in inefficient complaint handling.

However, there is a need to integrate all complaint management systems, in a dedicated Consumer Relationship Management (CRM) System. The new system will integrate PTA’s existing systems dealing with complainants including Complaint Management System – CPD , Online Content Portal – CVD, and DIRBS – Services Division

PTA’s Next Move

In this regard, a Call Center will be established under the proposed project to manage/process increasing number of consumer complaints received through emails, call, fax, post, online form, SMS and social media etc, according to PTA website.

The project will provide increase the PTA’s responsiveness, efficiency and accessibility through offering enhanced consumer care service. It will also improve the telecom consumer care through proactive approach through Call Centre.

The new project will also make efficient use of existing manpower deployed for complaint management and DIRBS.

PTA has recently announced Mobile Device Identification and Registration System to ensure the use of PTA compliant mobile devices, which has led to an increase in the, number of telecom consumer complaints. Keeping in view, PTA has decided to introduce 24 x 7 call centre services to end users for rederessal of consumer complaints round the clock.

  • PTA helpline is a joke. More of a information desk which often tells to go to other channels such as email etc. And rarely works.

    Complained about Jazz network, because it’s dead in Faisalabad whenever you call someone on jazz “apkay matlooba number say filhal jawab mosul nahi ho raha”

    It been more than a month. Issue not fixed. Jazz never contacted me.

  • PTA Consumer Cell i found the worst as compare with Operators Customer Care Dep’t.
    PTA routesl complaint directly to Operators and without customer consent closed it especially PTCL complaints. If you talk to PTA about complaint status, you’ll get know all CSR’s are non technical and have no sense to talk other than favor to operators like if PTCL can’t provide you a good service, we can’t help in it, moreover, to tell customer we have written statement from operator they can’t provide your desire package.
    PTA lost all it’s vision, credibility after remain as political tool to earn money.

    • you can’t comapre operator’s customer dept with PTA consumer cell, my experience with PTA cell was very good, based on your single complaint you cant come to conclsuion that its worst. and when operator cell is good than why you go with PTA, u just simply stay with your operator.

  • PTA customer care is useless and total time waste. When ever we contacted the customer care, we didn’t get any response. No telephone number is even working. Then how we can register our mobile. PTA services are very disappointed.

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