What You Didn’t Know About Careem’s “Captain Care”

The Careem app for ride-hailing has become an integral part of millions of customers’ lives. What we fail to acknowledge often is that it has had a huge impact on the lives and incomes of thousands of drivers, or “Captains’ as Careem calls them. So we made a list of 10 things Careem does for its Captains that you might not know about.

1. In-ride Insurance for Captains

In-ride insurance provides additional cover, over the Captain’s own vehicle insurance policy and acts as a significant safety and security measure for the Captains and their families.

2. Convenient Payment Solutions

All Captains are paid their due balances on a half-weekly basis for both cash and credit transactions to ensure that Captains can keep up with the regular cost of maintaining their vehicles . Rest assured, everytime your credit card is charged on the Careem app the Captain receives his share within 3-4 days.

3. Bonuses and Guarantees for Captains

The the best performing Captains, are given quality bonuses, in addition to weekly bonuses and guarantees.

4. Raffles and Events for Captains

Careem doesn’t forget its Captains on festivities like Ramadan or Eid. Weekly raffles give them the opportunity to win bikes, televisions, air-conditioners, Umrah Tickets and other prizes. Captain events like dinners, iftars and chai sessions are also held to boost morale and understand Captain concerns.

5. Product features helping Captain earnings

The Careem app for Captains allows them to book the next ride as they are ending their current one in order to make sure that they don’t miss out on any earning opportunity. It also lets them take two rides in a day in the direction of their preference, so they can even earn money on the way home.

6. Safety features for Captains

From insurance to assistance, you’re always taken care of! Access to Careem’s Care representatives is available 24/7 for Captains. They even have an alert button in their app which connects them directly to Careem representatives in case they feel unsafe or are in an emergency.

7. Extensive Opportunity Centre (OCs) network for Captain support

Careem operates 30+ franchises OC across Pakistan, which not only act as the primary location for all individuals to register as Careem Captains but is also the one-stop support center for all the Careem Captains queries or concerns.

8. Partnerships and Initiatives for Captains

The benefits of becoming a Careem Captain expand beyond the monetary incentives. Careem has partnered with companies across the country from providers of Car Servicing to Retailers for discounts as well as banks to develop easy Car Loan programs exclusively for Careem Captains.

9. Education Programs for Captain’s children

Having partnered with multiple education institutes, Careem has provided affordable education opportunities to its Captains families at the top education institutes across Pakistan.

10. Equal Employment Opportunities for Female Captains

Careem launched a safe and secure employment program for Female Captains in 2016, taking a step towards equality and diversity by empowering women of all types in Pakistan.

  • The amount of bs is too high …this monopoly will be broken soon .and than people will talk less about careem..Careem used to charge 5 rs for every 100 rs spent now it charges 30-40 rs without informing th e captain.On ntop of that 1500 rs weekly bonus was for 60 rides which was sensible now its 100 rides .and they dont offer holidays .
    so please sponsored or not sponsored do some research

  • Biggest blunder is 24/7 captain support.
    They cant even call an agent if they dont have already accepted a ride.
    I still in awe of how they are still able to continue this fraud.

  • Careem is facing less business in Pakistan than its past . Because of too much increasing in the charges.
    Careem will be fail if careem does not review about its charges for the customers .

    • What about the captains already fare and fuel have a big difference free service will be ok for pakistani customers but no in cars only they deserve chingchi

  • M a careem captain and I am one of those captains who started working with careem from the very first beginning
    When I Start working business is quite good but now they just use us and this is all bullshit that they actually care us, opposite they just drink our blood like leeches
    Fuel rates are quite high but the fare rates are minimum which cost us losses
    Shame on you careem

    • we should start a petition against careem to increase the rates as compared to the fuel plus for better captain care …

  • Being a captain I am so much disappointed from their policy, they are giving us fares like we are not investing our cars , we are running rickshaws or motor bikes on roads, so be careful before join career, because you can’t even cover fuel cost , and you will far away from car maintenance (Engine oil, filters etc).

  • Dokha hai captain ka sat . Khoon chos rahay hain hun ki mahnat ka . 4.5km say loo 4km per choro caption k lay 150 rupay . Petrol ka rate dakho . Zalmooo

  • 30% sai 35% tak ransom money do careem ko aur support 24/7 ko paaloo alag .
    Support Waly help tu karty nahi personal information aisy mangtay hai jaisy apni bahen k rista daina ho.

  • Totally drama hai
    Chor policy apna li hai careem ny or fake rid, fake rid ka drama kr k fake policy bna li hai bonus ka drama kr k guaranty sy bhi nikal deya hai fuel k reat bhrr gey or in k fear km ho gy lekn in ka 25% when ka when hai…
    Capitan sy chori kr k customer ko do or customer sy chori kr k capitan ko

  • Actually hamara customer mostly muft ki soch rakta hai abi b kahtaay hn fare zaydaa hai sharam to jasy inko ati nahi

  • Sb bkwas ha yeh… Yeh lanati log captains ka bilkul khayal ni rakhte petrol ki price dekho aur rate dekho aur jb gariyaan kafi aa gae hn toh in m nakhra aa gya ha captains ko kch smjte e ni captains ki safety zara b ni yeh jo sb uper likha sb topi drama.. Allah karay yeh company ghark ho

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