Samsung Launches a 3D Scanning App for the Galaxy Note 10+

Samsung has just released a 3D Scanner App that lets you create 3D models of real-life objects. The app is actually meant to complement the release of Galaxy Note 10+ since it takes full advantage of the ToF (time-of-flight) camera lens on the device.

Since the Note 10 5G and the Galaxy A80 also have a ToF lens, they should also be able to use it. Owners of the smaller Note 10, however, will not be able to use it since it doesn’t have a ToF sensor.

To create a 3D model through the app, you need to scan a real-world object from all directions. Samsung recommends that the objects should be between 2o to 80 cubic centimeters and there should be no other objects obstructing the image.

The models you create can be shared as GIFs and can also be added to pictures and videos if you want.

The app is available right now on the Galaxy Store. It is not available in Pakistan as of yet, but you can install it manually on your Note 10+ by downloading an APK from this link 

Once you have it installed, you can access it like any other app or through Bixby vision.

Via SamMobile

  • At least, state the fact that this is something Samsung is coping from Sony smartphones.
    Sony released this feature a while ago in their Xperia flagships, and it still has it.
    Always properly guide your readers!

    • The focus here is Samsung releasing an app, not introducing the feature. Everyone knows ToF sensors have been a thing for a while now, it’s nothing new.

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