Check Out Redmi Note 8 Pro’s Ridiculous Durability Test

Redmi is back with its weird durability tests for the upcoming Note 8 duo. The last time, similar durability tests were conducted for Redmi Note 7. These out of the box tests included bashing it against a watermelon, cracking a nut on the display, stomping on the smartphone, etc.

Even though users got their hopes up regarding the durability and sturdiness of the Note 7 series, it turns out that the smartphone did not perform well in actual durability tests imitating real-life situations like falling from waist height.

This time, just three days before its launch, the company has released a video in which a weight lifter stands on two Redmi Note 8 Pro units and lifts 90 kgs of weight. As soon as he is done, the judges check and reveal that the smartphones are working perfectly.

Overall, the stunt feels dull-witted. It doesn’t seem like a serious durability test since a display only malfunctions when you put pressure on it from a certain direction.

Anyways, actual durability tests will be carried out once the smartphone is released and disassembled to see whether it can withstand pressure in more realistic situations.