Is Pakistan Going to Recognize Israel? Foreign Office Finally Responds

Amid rumors of initiating diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv, the Foreign Office has cleared the air that Pakistan stands firm in its stance of not recognizing Israel as a country owing to the Palestine issue.

Foreign Office Spokesperson, Dr. Mohammad Faisal, told that there will be no change in Pakistan’s policy regarding Israel during a media briefing.

Our policy on Israel is very clear and there is no change in it.

In the past few days, there has been plenty of debate on social media whether or not Pakistan should rethink its diplomatic relations with Israel. It comes in the aftermath of India’s move to revoke the special status of Kashmir by abrogating Article 370 as a majority of Arab countries have not openly condemned the step. Instead, the Indian PM Narendra Modi is being conferred with different awards in some Arab countries.

Rumors were making rounds on different social media platforms that the government is mulling over such a change, however, the Foreign Office has refuted all such rumors.

The government has always faced a strong reaction from the masses when it comes to Israel.

Answering a question about India, Dr. Faisal said that Pakistan is willing to solve the issue bilaterally, however, New Delhi doesn’t want to settle the matter. He reiterated that Pakistan believes that the matter can be resolved through the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions.

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  • Why not , we should accept for the greater interest of Pakistan , if we could recognise India than why not Israel, atleast we shall reap good economic benefits rest we can continue to support Palestine!! It’s like Sir Syed trying to imply two Nation Theory once again

    • Are you even in your senses to know what you’re saying? Accepting Israel means we accept their illegal occupation of Palestinian land and their killings of Palestinian people? They cry about holocaust and yet they keep on killing Palestinians. You need some serious education about who they are and how they plotted to get Palestinian land. They’re at work to establish greater Israel by conquering the Arab countries, their agenda is to establish their government by making ‘The Greater Israel’ and enslave the rest of the world through their already prevalent economic system. Still, if you worship their economy and technology, you need to look at your Iman, because it’s clearly mentioned for Muslims that Jews can never be our friends. They will plot and undermine you, till you become like them.

      • Looks like you’ve read a lot of conspiracy theories. Your argument sounds like from a caveman and has no value in modern world. Every country in the world first priority is the stability of its own, neither taking sides in conflict in which neither you can play any constructive role nor you have any bit of authority to bring about any solution. What have Pakistan gained from such stand!

      • abay bhai apnay dimagh ka ilaj kara lo zara kabhi kabhi matlab pe ghaday ko bap bana na parta hay sirf ek.pakistan k na mannay se israil ko kia farak parta hay ap na mano pr ho to.wohbhe raha hay puri dunya mai jo woh chah rahay hain ek akelay ap pakistan he apna mu doaray taraf kiye hoye ho baqi sb faida utha rahay hain or agay barh rahay hain. Abhi apnay mulk ko agay barhanay ka time hay is ko build kernay ka is ko strong karnay ka time hay to aisay faislay le nay paraingay bad mai jb ham strong hojayengay gay to inkay pattay katna start kardaingay abhi to apnay wanday paray hoye hain yahan tum pata nahi kon c batain kar rahay ho pehlay apnay mulk ko to bacha lo phir dosray mulkon ki bat karna bhai mere

        • Bhai as a Muslim apka emaan Allah pe zyada hona chaye yahood k mutalliq Quran main saaf likha hai k ye kbhi dost nhi hoskte or iska ankhon dekha saboot hmare samne hai kese Israel or India mil khare hain muqable main jbke Quran pehle he in dono k mutaliq Muslims ko warn krchuka hai.
          Baki isi soch k sath chlte chlte Allah se zyada in kuffar pe bharosa or maslihat main inhi kuffar ki mante mante Pakistan ka ye haal bngya hai ankhen kholo Bhai.

        • From Aysha and your thinking, your are accepting that it is right what they are doing with the Muslims of Palistine.
          You should be ashamed of yourselves. Think of your Imaan and turn to Allah and Prophet what they said about the Jews in Quran.
          You are just looking at the worldly benefits that can be achieved.

        • You need some serious education about this matter. Aik Pakistan ky na Mannay sy Israel ko is qadar faraq parta hai keh aap jaisy log soch bhi nahi sakty

    • Then what morality we would have to stand for Kashmiris by recognising illegal Israel Occupation and how Israel recognition will benefit us?/

      • pher hum china se aid kis moral basis pe lelete hain .. phir hum usa se aid kis basis pe lelete hain ye bi bata dein … btw israel ki side nai le raha kabi koi mulla muja wajib ul qatal kah de :|

    • you are right i m also one of those Pakistani who wants good economic benefits.
      if accepting Israel will give us good economic then why not .. also turkey is already accepted Israel and Jordan is already accepted Israel so why not us Pakistan also do the same thing

  • Whenever any Palestinian openly expressed support for Kashmir cause? The answer is Never! Arab countries have started developing relationships with Israel and acknowledged it. While fools and introverts like you have kept hostility with a country, A hostility in which we have nothing to gain but a hella lot to lose

  • We are a nation with two faces.
    We can not be united, we have no moral values at all.
    Accepting or Not accepting Isrial is far matter, first we should think about our self, either we are true Muslims.
    Look around us, Just one thing I want to point among many.
    Islam says Cleanliness is half the faith (Emaan).
    Now Look around you, your cities, your villages, your roads, Parks,
    What we should and what we are doing.
    Forget Israil, think about your dear Pakistanis so called Muslims.

    • Quaid ne aur bhi boht si achi batein batayi thin un pe bhi kaam hojaye toh boht acha ho ni?

      us waqt ki duniya me aur aaj me boht farq hai. waqt k saath badalna parta hai.
      abhi apna time hi kharab hy. zarorat p ghaday ko bhi baap banana parta hai.

      • Mery bhai dunya ke badalny sy har chiz ni badli jati, phir to koi emaan bhi chorr dega agr waqt ky sath badalny ko aik bahana banaya jae!

  • Hakumat to kuch bhi kar sakti, jo baaten viral ho jati hain wo pehly sy ho chuki hoti hain, kia pata Israel ko taslim bhi kia ja chuka ho, dusra un tamam logon keliye sirf itna jo yeh kehty hain apny faiday keliye karna chahiye ky: agr koi apko kehdy ya sari dunya ky musalman iman chory to kia ap bhi iman chorro gy kiyun k is mein faida hoga? Har cheez mein faida ni dekha jata! Apni koi baat honi chahiye.

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