Govt Introduces Its Own Mineral Water With Price Tag of Re. 1 Per Litre

The Ministry of Science and Technology has introduced its own bottled water with amazingly low price per Litre.

According to details, the project is started as a pilot for now and state produced water bottles will initially be available for the government offices for now, which would cost Rs1 per litre.

Fawad Chaudhry, federal minister for Science and Technology said that the step has been taken in light of the government’s austerity measures.

This bottled water will be a cheaper alternative to the mineral water that is currently available at government offices, he said.

The bottled water, called the ‘Safe Drinking Water, will cost Rs1 per litre, the federal minister remarked.

The Pakistan Council of Research and Water Reserves have so far prepared 500 ml bottles for the water.

This water will be served to officials at PM Office, GHQ and Parliament House first, and then later at offices of different ministries.

  • similar to the 55rs per litre helicopter………….
    however, how do they justify the cost of the bottle and filtration?

      • people were asking for justification of the previous govt’s corrupt moves,were they doing any good at a govt office?
        every good thing should be appreciated but it should also be questioned to find out if it’s truly good.

    • Do you think the other mineral water companies are operating on thin margins? In my area, there is a water filtration plant that is offering water at RS 4 per litter, and I am pretty sure they are earning profits. But I do agree the government has excluded the plastic bottle cost. But even then it will probably be around RS 5-10 at max.

  • I dont mind if they produce double the quantity than nestle and supply all through Pakistan even at 5 rupees per litre

  • Two problems with this:

    – The only reason we even drink mineral water is because the piped water provided by other government departments like KWSB is not safe for human consumption. Who’s to say this project won’t end up just like that?

    – The government sucks at doing business so this will eventually end up as a loss making company that tax payers will have to fund. It doesn’t matter how many advantages, like cheaper access to credit and government mandated monopolies, they have over private sector firms they always managed to screw it up.

  • So, basically it is subsidized water for government offices at the expense of taxpayers’ money. This fool is giving relief to rich ministers and officials instead of general poor public.

  • All the ex presidents, prime ministers, MNAs receive life long benefits worth billions out of tax payers money, and no one bats an eye. Govt starts producing Rs. 1/Litre water bottles and everyone loses their minds.
    *stands up clapping*

  • Good initiative however I fail to understand how come Govt. achieved Re.1/Ltr secondly if they have started serving 500ml bottles in govt departments this means it will cost Rs0.50 for 500ml bottle. This is unbelievable how can govt achieve this milestone, something is wrong here.

    What about the cost of plastic bottle, sticker/ printing, staff filling bottles and transportation? If all these expenses are taken from tax-payers pocket then no use of publicizing such news.

    Either editor’s figures are wrong or govt not giving the correct figures. If this is so then I would suggest govt to sell this to “Pakistani Awaam” without adding taxes to it.

  • Wrong Price : Abhi Ek Tanker Pani 1250 Gallon 1500 Ka Milta hai
    1250 GALLON = 4,731 Liter = PKR 4,731 Rupee : Why ?
    Aise to 3 Rupee Per Liter Ka Para Aur 0.85 Paisa Ka Ek Gallon

  • Govt ka kam policies banana aur unhain implement kerwana hona chahiye na k apna business chalana. Ye era outsourcing ka hai. Sirf Managment honi chahiye baki sab outsource ho.

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