Twitter CEO’s Account Gets Hacked, Posts Erratic and Offensive Tweets

Twitter’s Chief Executive and Co-Founder Jack Dorsey’s account got hacked on Friday, proving how nobody is truly safe on the internet. The hacker used the account to send out a string of erratic and offensive messages.

The tweets containing racial slurs, bomb threats, obscenities, and shout-outs appeared on the social network on Friday evening. The tweets stayed on Jack’s verified account for a little over twenty minutes before Twitter started deleting them. The account has over 4.2 million followers.

Many of the tweets referred to the Chuckling Squad, the same group of hackers which was responsible for hacking several YouTube and Instagram stars including James Charles, Shane Dawson, King Bach, and Amanda Cerny.

The hackers used a messaging service called CloudHopper to access Jack’s account and make tweets under his name. The messaging service was acquired by Twitter back in 2010, it allows Twitter users who have their phone number linked to their account to make tweets by simply sending a text message.

His Phone Number Was Compromised

Twitter said that Jack’s phone number that was associated with his account was “compromised due to a security oversight by the Mobile provider,” which allowed the hackers to send tweets through Jack’s account via text messages.

Once Jack’s account got hacked, the hackers also talked about how other high-profile accounts, such as President Donald Trump’s account can be hacked just as easily. The President responded to it while talking to reporters on Friday.

Well, I hope they’re not hacking my account, but actually, if they do, they’re not going to learn too much more than what I put out, right? Shouldn’t be too bad.

Jack Dorsey’s account has now been secured and “there was no indication that Twitter’s systems were compromised,” according to Twitter.