Daraz is Driving Change in E-Commerce & Creating Opportunities Via Modern Technologies

Daraz believes that the digital revolution in Pakistan should be an inclusive project that empowers and uplifts society. With access to new age technology, the platform strives to drive change and create opportunities that were impossible to imagine a decade ago.

Creative and sustainable solutions are the consequence of constant innovation. By engaging in the latter, Daraz has been able to build pathways that will not only enable Pakistanis to do business from anywhere in the digital age but will also boost the number of jobs in the e-commerce industry.

One of these routes is Daraz University (DU), founded on the belief that, if equipped with sufficient knowledge, anyone can develop an online business. DU offers intensive online and offline courses to new and existing sellers, with tutorials focusing on product quality, customer service and pricing – the essential components of any online business.

DU is a platform designed to provide sellers the information they need to develop and improve their e-commerce operations. Every month, at least 2,000 new sellers are educated on the platform and, so far, over 20,000 sellers have been educated. Through such initiatives, Daraz hopes to create 1 million jobs for marketplace participants by 2022.

With the launch of Darax Express (DEX), Daraz was able to begin the complete digitization of the logistics ecosystem – another goal that the platform hopes to achieve by 2022. DEX is Pakistan’s first logistics company specifically designed for e-commerce operations and today employs over 1,300 riders. Through DEX, Daraz is able to deliver orders directly to customers, promising a shorter delivery period. Furthermore, DEX will be able to create more employment through the increased operational scale.

Daraz has been a pioneer in the e-commerce industry, catering to customers and striving to bring them a holistic and convenient shopping experience. However, the platform boasts an innovative edge through which it has been able to drive real change in Pakistani commerce.

  • Propakistani.pk you guys should start shouldering responsibility. Stop advocating for money. Daraz.pk is the worst E-commerce site as many had experienced. They allow fraudulent and shady companies to operate for their commission. Same old Chinese practice!! Also they don’t have process and procedures to check and verify items against the order. Check out YouTube and you will see many cases. So if someone orders an item in blue they will send whatever is available. What a pity that the govt. is completely ignorant in making laws protecting consumers. Pakistani society has yet to mature and counter the Chinese black business ethics.

  • While at the same time they are promoting scam/fraud individuals who are looting money from people by sending them fake/different products. I’d say from my own personal experiences, my trust in e-commerce has drastically reduced thanks to the shady practices of sellers on Daraz and lack of responsibility from Daraz.

  • Yes Of course Daraz is new a big plate form of online business in Pakistan But there are many drawbacks of this system that are inconvenient for sellers mostly. On Alibaba and Amazon the sellers are also in benefit as well as well customer, but here both are not being satisfied.
    But now i think there is new website that is in startup online in compatible of Daraz.pk it link is dukaansay.com. I recommend you all to visit to see and check their system, because my experience was good to visit it.

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