Toll Tax Increased by 10% for the M2 Motorway

According to latest developments, the National Highway Association (NHA) has decided to increase the toll tax for the M2 Motorway.

The toll tax has been increased by 10 percent or approximately 62 rupees from the previous rates.

It is worth pointing out that the NHA did not give any prior notification regarding this price hike.

As per the details, here the increased toll taxes:

Type Previous Tax New Tax
Cars and Jeeps Rs. 680 Rs. 750
Trucks Rs. 2980 Rs. 3278
22-Wheeler Rs. 4150 Rs. 4213

The passengers who travel on the M2 Motorway for Islamabad-Lahore or Lahore-Islamabad via buses will now have to pay Rs. 2290.

Responding to the matter, the NHA claimed that Frontier Works Operations (FWO) reserve the right to increase the prices by 10 percent every year.

However, in the contract that was signed back in 2014, the NHA is bound to give a public notification regarding any change in their policies, prices or anything similar.

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