Oppo to Launch Its A Series 2020 Smartphones in Pakistan Later This Month

Oppo is excited to announce that on Sep 19th it will launch the A Series 2020, including A9 2020 and A5 2020, the new iteration of the brand’s successful line in Pakistan. Oppo’s latest offering for the mid-range smartphone market focuses on photography, design, and battery life. Overall, the Oppo A Series 2020 will be a good option for a wide range of users, but especially the Generation Z youth.

The A Series Story So Far

Oppo has been active in the overseas markets for the past ten years, and the Oppo A Series is successful all over the world. Since the launch of the very first Oppo A Series model, the A100 in Thailand in 2009, the series has been popular thanks to its focus on design, photography and battery technology.

Over the past 10 years, the youth have picked the Oppo A Series as their smartphone of choice. Meanwhile, Oppo has continuously evolved with the latest mobile trends, where Smartphones have become more like personal assistants, as well as the recent boom in short video apps among youngsters.

A Series Tuned to The Needs of Generation Z

Younger smartphone users often feel that they have to compromise, but with the A Series 2020, Oppo offers more possibilities than ever before, with the newly improved 48MP ultra-wide quad-camera, stereo speakers, and a 5,000mAh battery, ensuring that the users will not have to compromise.

The 48MP ultra-wide-angle quad-camera setup aims to satisfy users’ needs for all their picture-taking needs. It also supports Ultra Night Mode 2.0, with ultra-wide photography and a whole range of artistic portrait styles. Meanwhile, the front 16MP camera uses AI Beautification technology for selfies, allowing users to customize their looks.

Shooting videos is also easier than ever before, with 4K video offering a better overall experience, creating clearer videos, with more vivid colors and less latency, combined with video stability technology that promises stable, professional-looking videos.

The large 5000mAh battery is capable of supporting 19 hours of continuous mobile use. The Oppo A Series also boasts Dual Stereo Speakers that offer higher volumes and improved sound quality, and with Dolby Atmos® integration even better audio quality, making video and gaming experiences even better.

Named the A Series 2020 to celebrate the beginning of the new decade and welcoming a new generation of mobile users, the new name also represents the latest technologies. The Oppo A Series 2020 is launching in Pakistan on September 19th.

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