PTA Blocks Over 830,000 Websites With Explicit Content

According to the official document released by the Pakistan Telecom Authority, it has blocked more than 900,000 websites. The blocked web pages were hosting anti-state, anti-judiciary, and blasphemous content. However, a significant proportion of the blocked web pages contained pornographic content.

According to the official figures released by the PTA, over 11,000 web pages contained anti-state contents, more than 50,000 websites hosted anti-judiciary, and about 50,000 web-pages were found peddling blasphemous content. While the number of pornographic sites blocked is well over 830,000.

In the past as well, PTA has been vigilant to block digital content that does not meet the social and religious standards. PTA has the authority to block content under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA)  Section 37.

In order to decide which content to take down, the PTA has created an e-portal for monitoring purposes. About 30 government institutions can directly access the portal and lodge a complaint. Following the complaint, PTA takes the necessary actions. Additionally, the general public can submit their complaints to the PTA at the following email address: [email protected]

PTA also frequently directs telecom service providers to keep an eye over content uploaded and shared in the cyberspace and bring the unwanted content into their notice.

Most of the pornographic and blasphemous content was found disseminated from Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, PTA has brought the issue into the notice of Facebook and Twitter authorities. Both tech giants have ensured PTA of maximum cooperation and taking up necessary follow up actions.

  • PTA Where is list ? Hum Bhi to Check Kare K Kaise Band Howa : Kun Si WebPage Band Howi :
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  • While blocking these sites they also blocked some community forums XDA to be more specific, now it’s working.

  • What a brilliant job PTA.

    Anti & Nudity HAS to be BLOCKED in our country to keep our culture clean and SAVE our kids & their future!


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