Customers are Furious as Pak Suzuki Demands More Money for Pre-Booked Alto 2019

The newly introduced 2019 Alto is Suzuki’s cheapest car in Pakistan at the moment. However, its automatic variant now costs 1,325,000.

The Automotive Development Policy 2016-2021, despite all its promises, has failed to address the underlying problems and one of them is that companies like Suzuki are still operating as they please.

For instance, Pak Suzuki sent a notice to everyone who pre-booked 2019 Alto demanding an additional Rs. 23,000 for its AGS variant.

The pre-booking price was Rs. 1,302,000 and now Pak Suzuki is demanding Rs. 1,325,000.

Here is an official copy of the notice:

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Pak Suzuki claims that the auto policy enables them to implement this however, there is no mention of such a statement in the policy which is attached below.

The social media is up in arms to expose Pak Suzuki’s tactics to extort money from the customers without any repercussions. Some people suggested reporting Pak Suzuki to the Citizen’s Portal while others claimed that they should boycott Suzuki’s cars altogether.

It remains to be seen how this situation will pan out and how Pak Suzuki will handle the backlash.

You can check the Automotive Policy 2016-2021 by clicking here.

  • In a free market they can charge what they like. It’s the consumers who are fault for paying so much money for shitty cars and for allowing the auto sector cartel to bribe politicians into protecting them from imports. People here wanted to boycott dollars. Well this is what you get when you boycott imported goods!

  • in monopoly hungry titans nay 30 years say yaha chor bazari lagayi hui thi mehran k naam pay, jo 1997 main japan main band ho gayi thi lekin idhar 2018 tak hamain thonsi thi, kiu k koi option nai thi… bus 2-3 genuine companies anay k dair hain, dino main inka dhanda band hoga Inshallah…

  • Suzuki, Toyota and honda are behaving like thiefs in Pakistan. We should simply stop buying their cars for one year and see the effect

  • Suzuki Alto AGS price is 1,433,000 and company start recieving 23,000 in shape of FED imposed by government…..

    Prices are too high and beyond the limit of middle class man.

  • These 3 giant monsters are looting since 30 as they want but suzuki is one of shitty company ever launch foolish models which is opseleat in the world like vx vrx on highest prices. This is a fauld of currpt govt because they never take notice against these. We should boycott all of these monsters.

  • Suzuki alto is 3rd class vehicle, no shape at all and prices they are charing like Mercedes. I think 3rd hand japanese car is better than this expensive match box

  • Better not to buy such scrap look its price and its AGS system shame on Suzuki. One of the worst gear system
    Till than we will not boycott they will not learn lesson how to make standard cars
    Shame on Suzuki Honda and Toyota
    Production in Pakistan is very bad
    These are not factories/plants just scrap yards

  • I have paid 1 lakh and 38 thousand more than my pre-booked invoice price. My booking date was 04-07-2019.

  • All the customers should cancel the alto booking and demand their money back. Actually everyone is for themselves, warna people power is something that can topple these thieves within no time.

  • I think we should move towards Japanese car instead of Suzuki Toyota Honda bcz these three companies giving us shit cars… In same amount we can buy Japanese car which are best in quality, features etc instead of these..

  • only 6 month stop buyer all car in pakistan all company and dealers automatically place in good level i promise you

  • In Pakistan, nobody talk’s or protect’s the consumer, everyone stands with the big guns. Nowhere in the world, you have ever heard that a company is taking bookings without disclosing the final price, which means they can demand anything, people can see the example now.

  • I booked suzuki alto ags in july-19. IG motors sent sms on 5/9/19 to deposite balance amount. I visited IG motors with balance amount of 810,000/- pay order as was mentioned in booking order form.
    The concerned sales rep asked me that prices have been increased and i have to pay additional rs; 138,000/-
    why they not mentioned in the sms for increase in price? How can costumer can know that additional 138,000/- is also to be paid. I complaint this to booking office but the concerned person, after 2 days of my complain, responded but did not attended my complain seriosly. now i want my down payment with full refund.

  • These companies are ripping us like Anything. They need to lower the prices, so that it’s economical for us.

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