Microsoft Says US Govt Asked Them to Spy on Other Countries

Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer at Microsoft, recently published a book named, “Tools and Weapons: The Promise and the Peril of the Digital Age”. It mentions interesting details about Microsoft’s dealings with the US government and other entities.

Smith has strongly condemned the Huawei trade ban in the book, which made headlines as soon as the book came out.

Apart from talking about interesting stuff like when Taylor Swift tried to sue Microsoft over a chatbot since it was named “Tay” (her nickname), he also talked about how an unnamed Trump advisor approached him for spying on other countries. Of course, Smith denied since ‘It would be bad for businesses’.

Smith writes that he was asked, “As an American company, why won’t you agree to help the US government spy on people in other countries?”. Further, shedding light on the situation he writes,

I pointed out that Trump Hotels had just opened a new property in the Middle East as well as down the street on Pennsylvania Avenue. Are these hotels going to spy on people from other countries who stay there? It doesn’t seem like it would be good for the family business.

The book also mentions similar ethical and legal challenges that are being faced by companies like Microsoft. He stated that President Trump was not the first one to have issues with the giant.

Even though the company denied spying on other governments, Smith claims that Microsoft has helped American intelligence agencies deal with hacking incidents and has worked with them behind the scenes for years.

As a solution, Smith proposed the establishment of basic rules and regulations which prevent unethical use of technology. He says,

Some issues may lead to global consensus and some may not. Many of today’s technology issues involve questions of privacy, free expression, and human rights that lack global support.

  • Hum Bhi Kun Sa Genuine Microsoft Use Karte hai
    = KMS Se Office Aur Windows Registration Kar Chucke :

  • US Govt. and MS is working / spying on users since Win 95,
    Win 98 SE ‘if you guys remember’ the version with the key..
    HQ6K2-QPC42-#3HWDM-BF4KJ-W4XWJ.. was synchronized with DARPA systems. (Myth)

  • Looks like Microsoft is actually planning assistance, as a matter of fact, they took the pre-game approach to build a subconscious before they execute it. At the end of the day, they would appear as a victim, so much innocent so much clean, so much adorable that they had no way out but to proceed. What a World, how worst it can be.. May Allah protect everyone from these Evils.

  • Brad Smith Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft US. Thanks Brad you’re talking our heart. As licensee of Windows 10 I’m thoroughly disturbed to notice issues to the licensed users, during September.
    I’m seriously concerned and had shut down my PC. Please clarify upgradation legitimate, the Office Suite, and other packages as a compensation as well as access to MS Cloud for R&D., and participate as part of the program for Digitalisation initiatives in Pakistan.

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