EjadLabs’ First Techstars Startup Weekend Concludes Successfully

EjadLabs, in collaboration with the National Incubation Center, has concluded its first-ever Techstars startup weekend on Friday in Islamabad. The event began on Friday, 13th September and concluded on Sunday, 15th September.

Professionals, students and aspiring entrepreneurs, participated in the 54-hour event where they connected, shared and came up with new ideas. Motivated youngsters worked together as teams to come up with innovative ideas for business ventures.

Corporate leaders from Jazz, Teamup and the development sector attended the event for keynotes and as mentors to share some insights on the entrepreneurial eco-system in Pakistan.

Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim said about the event;

We are delighted to be working with Techstars to enable young women to bring their innovative business ideas to the forefront. Jazz believes that empowering youth is the way forward and we want to provide them with the platform to turn their visions into reality through this dynamic three-day event.

From an Idea to a Start-up in 54 Hours

Around 100 enterprising individuals took part in this three-day startup marathon. Startup Weekend was nothing short of an adrenalin rush of epic levels from the first pitch to the last presentation over the course of three days.

Startup Weekend was a unique and rewarding experience for the participants who came in alone with an idea on Friday and left with a startup company on Sunday evening and a bag full of network contacts.

The winner of the marathon was All-Inclusive Kafe. The aim of the winning startup was to build an all-inclusive space to accommodate the trans community by displaying their works and highlighting the good work they have done.

The startup weekend was a fun event open to anyone interested in the local entrepreneurial community. As a part of the training, entrepreneurs, professionals and students were mentored by business leaders and corporate professionals to form “mini startups”. One member of the All-Inclusive Kafe and one member from the organizing team was awarded a flight, hotel and all other expenses-paid trip to participate, in person, at the global finals in Singapore.

Ejablabs is thankful to its partners, including Jazz and Teamup, for supporting this initiative and giving Ejadlabs the platform to lead this program.