iPhone 11 Pro Max Teardown Reveals a 4000 mAh Battery and Other Interesting Tidbits

Apple is notorious for not revealing certain specifications of the iPhone. They never reveal specific numbers for the batteries or the RAM on each new iPhone reveal, continuing this practice with the iPhone 11 as well.

Courtesy of Dchannel on YouTube, the first teardown of iPhone 11 Pro Max is out, revealing the internals of the smartphone. 

The teardown confirms a 4000 mAh battery on the iPhone 11 Pro Max (3969 mAh to be precise) rated 15.04 watt-hours. This is a 25 percent larger unit than what we saw in iPhone XS Max. This doesn’t come as a surprise since Apple mentioned improved battery life for the three new iPhone 11 models.

Another thing the teardown revealed is that the battery is L-shaped. Usually, smartphone batteries don’t come in odd shapes and are rectangular most of the time. Using an L-shaped battery, Apple has maximized the available space for the other components. It actually consists of two separate smaller batteries connected in the middle.

Apart from this, Dchannel revealed a smaller rectangular logic board, as compared to iPhone XS Max’s L-shaped logic board. We also got a closer look at other components like the front-facing Face ID-equipped TrueDepth module and the triple sensor camera at the back.

Since the video is in Vietnamese, we can’t make out some of the details. You can check it out below:


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