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Islamabad Administration & Police Ban Use & Sale of HID Lights in Cars

The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has introduced new traffic regulations to bring the standards closer to the international level.

In the latest development, Hamza Shafqaat, the District Magistrate Islamabad, has imposed a section 144 ban on the installation, sales and purchase of High-Intensity Discharge(HID) lights in cars.

The notice was issued on Thursday night, which can be seen below.

The SSP Islamabad Traffic Police tweeted confirmation of this step and said they would start taking action from today.

The notification points to the fact that HID lights are a menace which causes problems for incoming traffic and have led to fatal accidents.

It has also been noticed that at times the HID lights installed are cheap in nature and can cause short-circuiting which leads to the vehicle catching fire. Several similar incidents happened a couple of years ago and the mystery could not be solved until the manufacturers discovered that the actual issue was custom installation of HID lights.

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  • Instead of TWO months ban, it should be made permanently banned and heavy fine be imposed like in DUBAI and other sensible countries.

  • I drive around up and down Punjab and Karachi. These lights are a menace and blind people even on the opposite tracks. People using them normally put them on high beams to force other drivers to give way at the cost of the their safety. Good action. Should be implemented throughout the county, why in Islamabad only.

  • This should be implemented in all of Pakistan. It gets very annoying to drive when a car with these lights is directly behind you.

    Sometimes I have to adjust my rear-view mirror in such a way that the glare reflects back to the car behind me. Usually they move to the side really quickly after that

  • Some manufacturers are also selling HID lights equipped vehicles,they must be stopped. At country level All bike+car HID lights should be banned.Govt should start a massive crack down against these lights.

    • you are confusing HIT with projector lights. manufacturers are offering projector lamps which are good to go. cheap people install HIDs and blind on coming traffic.

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