KIA to Launch the Electric Variant of Picanto: Reports

Typically, KIA launches a pure electric variant of every car they introduce and Picanto is no different.

According to Automotive News Europe, the company is planning on launching the electric variant of Picanto. However, the launch of the vehicle hinges on whether the automaker can reduce the cost of it or not.

Initial reports suggest that KIA will test the Picanto electric in Europe. Emilio Herrera, CEO of KIA added:

A battery-powered Picanto will be a big challenge. But sooner or later, we will have to do it.

He further stated that nothing is set in stone but KIA is evaluating the possibility of making Picanto electric a reality.

The emission regulations have become more strict in Europe and with small hatchbacks already being less profitable for automakers, introducing costly new technologies these cars seems a less feasible option.

Renault also expressed its skepticism regarding the introduction of electric vehicles which are available to the public for a lower price point.

I think that is a very bold statement because one of the most challenging things we have is to make all EVs profitable. And the smaller the car, the more complicated it is. So to have a 10,000-euro EV in that time frame, I see it very challenging and not very realistic.

Do you think Picanto electric variant will make it to Pakistan if it succeeds on the international stage? Let us know.

  • Yes this is an excellent idea. This will not only protect environment but will also save precious Foreign Exchange on import bill of Petrol. However, prices should be kept lowest as possible to make it more popular.

  • Kia’s goal is to have an electric car “in almost every main segment,” Herrera said.

    Kia currently sells electric versions of the Soul and the Niro small crossovers in Europe.

    Kia will sell about 20,000 of the two EVs in Europe this year and plans to double that figure in 2020, Herrera said.

  • Its hightime to have electric cars in Pakistan. Kia can be a star starter to give an electric car along with its maintenance technology to Pakistani car market.

  • I think everybody just got carried away with the article
    But the article seems to have said that kia is trying to launch an electric version of picanto in europe
    In the last para they are saying Do you think Picanto electric variant will make it to Pakistan if it succeeds on the international stage? Let us know.
    First it will be launched in euorpe then they will start think should we launch in Pakistan then they may consider and it might need an eternity to launch

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