Official Specifications of 8K Resolution TVs Standardized By CTA

Just as 4K televisions are becoming mainstream, companies have already started edging towards releasing 8K resolution TVs. As a result, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) ahead of the IFA 2019, released the performance specifications for 8K resolution consumer TVs.

For people who don’t know, the CTA is a US-based organization that represents more than 2200 consumer technology companies and works to influence public policies for consumer technology. The association consists of members like Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display, Panasonic, Intel, Hisense, and TCL to name a few.

The set of specifications put forward gives consumers an outline of what the minimum expectations should be if they are going to invest in an 8K resolution TV.

The specs nailed down are:

  • 7680 x 4320 pixels resolution
  • 24p, 30p and 60p frames per second support
  • More than 600 nits peak Luminance
  • HEVC codec
  • HDMI 2.1 interface

The association has even come up with a logo that can be used by the TV makers to showcase that their 8K TVs are CTA compliant. The companies can start using this logo from 1st January 2020 on their devices,

The CTA is currently working on a compliance test. However, seeing how we already have a set of early 8K TVs on the market, it was more of a formality than a necessity.

  • The sponsored article is formalised on 8K standards, and should be initiated by PEMRA the regulatory authority, to collaborate with research with China for the CTA which is premium tagged. PEMRA as regulatory authority should essentially collaborate with the CTA with local body or PEMRA itself, to establish a sovereign research keeping in view the values on content, and technology of high res., and radiation which we have to evaluate in collaboration with PEMRA to send the circuit diagram, cards, screen, and related hardware, electronics so Pakistan should be able to export the know how, and technology to rest of the world as China. China would be most willing to collaborate with PEMRA and Pakistan scienists and engineers for research on multi media devices.

  • This could also be upgraded by simple software on the existing old card for an ugrade of the hardware for high resolution against a royalty payment to the licensee who has written the software. I shall be too pleased to help PEMRA on further steps on this.

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