PTCL Continues to Improve Network Exchanges Across Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) continues with its endeavor to provide reliable high-speed internet services via transformed exchanges under its Network Transformation Project (NTP).

The upgraded exchanges are I-10 Exchange in Islamabad, Hayatabad Exchange in Peshawar, Misrishah & Bahria Town Exchange in Lahore, Sargodha Road & PCX Exchange in Faisalabad, Gulgasht Exchange in Multan and Peoples Colony Exchange in Gujranwala.

On-ground activities are held at the transformed exchanges, where customers engaged with PTCL teams and inquired about new internet services and faster speeds.

Under NTP, PTCL offers faster connections from 8Mbps to 50Mbps with its improved copper and Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network. The project has yielded positive results in specific areas where the exchanges have been upgraded, resulting in a 40% reduction in customer complaints.

For customer convenience, PTCL has marked the areas of transformed exchanges. Through the official website, people can easily check whether their area has upgraded exchanges or not.

Muhammad Anwar Gaddafi, Executive Vice President, Sales, PTCL, said,

PTCL endeavors to provide quality internet services to its valuable customers. NTP has helped us to considerably increase our overall efficiency and reduction in real-time complaints. Through this new and improved network, our customers are enjoying high-speed unlimited internet & data streaming, along with seamless web surfing. We at PTCL believe that through this innovative and state-of-the-art technology, we can fulfill our responsibility in creating a digitally connected Pakistan.

PTCL has transformed a majority of the top 100 exchanges across Pakistan and the remaining will be completed before year-end. This massive project will ensure reliable speed, a resilient network and fast internet services for its customers.

    • Not Really I am using Ptcl 25mbps package for 4 months now, my downloading speed is around 2.7mbps and upload speed is 1.4mbps, you know what interesting thing is it has 0 disconnectivity :P

      • Just because it’s working well for you doesn’t mean it’s working well for everyone else too. You’re in a minority, maybe even 1% of the customers who are lucky enough to be in an area where PTCL services are decent.

        • Likewise, if you are facing the problems that doesn’t mean everyone else is facing the same. in the past, I was suffering from slow speed and frequent disconnection too cause their older system wasn’t capable of handling the high speeds, but with the recent upgrades their services are improved.

          • Which world do you live in? In my whole area with thousands of residents people can’t get anything above 4mbps without having frequent disconnections. I’ve recently moved and my previous area had the same problems. I’ve never met any PTCL user who said “I’ve had no disconnections for 4 months and I get 25mbps stable!”

            You’re in the minority here whether you’d like to admit it or not. Your area got upgraded and you luckily got good lines, good for you.

            • On old line, you will be getting frequent disconnection, get new fiber line with VDSL 2 Connection, luckily “Your area got upgraded and you luckily got good lines” yes, my area has upgraded DB and line, they are upgrading city by city. Have a leap of faith And Jummah Mubarik. :D

  • Upgradation k bad bhi sirf 50Mbps? L A N A T hai wese PTCL pe … Duniya mein 1gpbs speeds aam ho rahi Hein or Idhr upgradation k baad bhi sirf 50.. “B C” Hein yr PTCL wale.

  • Packages ke rate be toh kam karo. Fiberlink is giving 50Mb in 2500 and PTCL is charging 5000 for 50Mb

      • woh illegal taxes toh zani imran playboy ne lagaye hue hain. 19.5pc GST and 12.5pc WHT atleast in sindh, dosre states mein shayad kam hain.

        • Not a fan of the current govt either but at least blame them for the stuff they’ve done. These taxes have been in place for at least 2-3 years while the current govt only took over the reins a little over a year ago.

          • They are in the govt. for last 13 months and in this time period they didn’t get the time to remove illegal gst and wht from the internet.

  • PTCL has improved the services and that shows. However, the service area is so big that there will be some unsatisfied customers. But the target will be to cover that.

  • Yeah they show that their improving their services and yet they actually don’t. Even though Ptcl has one of the wide ranges of networks and yet I still can’t install Ptcl in my area. You know why? Because it’s not feasible. It’s feasible 2 streets before my home and in the nearby block of my home but not at my home. PTCL you suck. You just show around people. That’s all

  • Mr. M. Anwar S Gaddafi Sales NTP Ptcl, Pakistan meeting the Sales of Fixed line phone targets of the country compliant to the targets you’ve achieved for illuminating Punjab. As per the Sustainable Development Goals for teledensity todays UN/ITU recommendations training, support to the member administrations worldwide. As we’re already in the phase of trails of 5G networks, transformation of exchanges on NTP for the UN-SDG/MDG on FTTH on the G-Pon protocol. The regulatory authority incentives/license/authorisation to meet the targets are falling behind, because of lack awareness with common people to access FTTH-G-Pon in Pakistan. Sindh, Karachi area where most service providers as Nayatel, StormFiber and others are promoting G-Pon whereas PTCL is limited to loud slogans. I wish the slogan for reality.

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