Pakistan Wants to Export Electricity to Tajikistan

Pakistan has formally requested Tajikistan to invoke open access clause under CASA-1000 agreement to allow two-way trade of electricity.

Under the agreement, Pakistan is bound to import 1,000MW of electricity per day at 9.50 cents per unit in the summer season from May to October.

The MoU states that Pakistan is not liable to pay for any electricity transit loss in Afghanistan in case of any untoward activity.

When Pakistan entered the agreement during 2016-17, there was an acute power shortage in the country. However, under CPEC, several energy projects were initiated and now the country has surplus electricity during the winter season.

Since it is a two-way trade agreement, the country now wants to export electricity to the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan in winter season using the same structure of CASA project.

Additional Secretary Power Division Waseem Mukhtar, who is attending the CAREC countries’ two days conference “Breaking the Investment Barrier in Central Asia,” said Pakistan will take up the matter during the next meeting.

“Pakistan will take up the issue and ask electricity supplier countries- Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan – to review the deal under open access clause ensuring the two-way electricity trade arguing that Pakistan is now surplus in electricity.’”

On Pakistan’s request, the issue has been included in the agenda of the next meeting.

The project includes a 750 kilometer-long high-voltage, direct current (DC) transmission line between Pakistan and Tajikistan via Afghanistan.

The project cost is estimated to be around $1.7 billion. Along with the transmission line, converter stations will also be constructed in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The country has already acquired the land in Nowshera for setting up a converter station.

  • Pakistan should first try to eliminate loadshedding from its own jurisdictions before exporting a valuable resource like that.

    • Read the article first before commenting
      It says pakistan has surplus electricity in winter season so Pakistan should be allowed to export electricity in respective season.

  • phele apni mulk mein toh poori kar loh. Sheik chilli ke tarah khiyali pulao bana na band karo. Sindh mein governor rule toh ab tak laga nai baatein bari bari.

  • In AJK, cities are still experiencing at least 4 hours of load shedding while in villages its 8 hours. Although AJK produces about 2200 MW of electricity via hydel sources which is the cheapest source of electricity but we are being charged for furnace oil produced electricity. The requirement of AJK is only about 400 MW which is provided with above-mentioned power cuts. I believe Pakistan should first provide the electricity to the people who have the right to use it and then export the remaining. This is the pathetic mentality of the Govt and bureaucrats to not give people their rights and resources and then they blame people in AJK talk about independent Kashmir.

  • why would you not post my comment? What is there to bother you? You are trying to stop the truth from being published and known to people.

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