Petroleum Division Refutes Fake News About Expected Gas Shortage in Winter

The Petroleum Division of the Energy Ministry has denied media reports saying that the country will face another gas crisis this winter.

The division issued a press release late on Wednesday, saying that they are fully prepared to tackle the situation this season.

The government is cognizant of managing and adequate provision of gas at the onset of the winter season.

Commenting on the issue, the spokesperson of the Petroleum Division clarified that the oil refineries are producing minimal stock which is being consumed by the power plants.

“Petroleum Division in conjunction with the Power Division is constantly monitoring the furnace oil usage and stocks available in the country,” he added.

This clarification came in response to a news story originally published in The Express Tribune which claimed that the country will face a gas crisis later this year.

The story blamed the government’s policy of not using furnace oil for power production and opting for LNG and locally produced gas instead.

It said that refineries, to avoid stockpiling, have reduced production, and if the government doesn’t buy the oil, they might even shut down oil and gas fields in winter.

Last year, when this happened, a severe gas crisis had crippled the country’s industrial and commercial sector.

  • Pakistan should set this right soon before the remaining forest cover gets lost. People burn wood for cooking when there is no gas. Oil and Gas jackpot is over now. We were also told about the CPEC jackpot. Waiting for the new jackpot now.

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