TransPeshawar Introduces Bicycle Sharing System Alongside Peshawar BRT

The Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has finally introduced the much-awaited bicycle-sharing system for commuters.

TransPeshawar, an urban mobility company owned by the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government to run and maintain the BRT, promised the introduction of the system almost a year back.

The newly introduced system will use the “Zu Fare Card” to rent-out and return the bicycle. Both men and women will be able to avail this facility.

The riders will use their fare card on a separate bike-lane, which has been constructed along the whole 28-kilometer corridor of the Peshwar BRT.

Here are the official images of the bicycles:




According to the information, the bicycle docks are planned at the University of Peshawar and Hayatabad to facilitate students to reach their final destinations.

The bicycles themselves will have easily adjustable seats which can be adjusted for different heights of riders. To ensure the safety of riders, bicycles will have an automatic LED light and reflectors.

Further to enhance the safety of riders, bicycles will be chain-less and safe pedals will be used.

  • Great addition, please start this facility to Lahore and other cities, as it is pocket light, environment friendly and of course health friendly. Other metro cities really need such a multi beneficial project.

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