Yamaha and Benelli Increase Prices of Their Bikes Again

Despite a huge dip in sales in 2019, the auto industry has remained ruthless when it comes to increasing prices of cars and motorcycles.

With the likes of Suzuki, Honda, and Toyota leading the charge, other auto manufacturers have also followed in their footsteps.

Similarly, bike importer Benelli has decided to increase the price for their lineup as well, which include TNT 150 and TNT 302.

The updated prices of both bikes are as follows:

Model Old Price New Price
Benelli TNT 150 Rs. 315,000 Rs. 370,000
Benelli TNT 302 Rs. 750,000 Rs. 820,000

Yamaha Pakistan Following the Trend

Like Benelli, Yamaha Pakistan has also increased the prices of its bikes. The price hike is significant and the updated prices along with their models are as follows:

Model Retail Price
(Exclusive of Sales Tax)
Sales Tax
(@ 17%)
Retail Price
(Inclusive of Sales Tax)
Yamaha YB125Z
(Red / Blue / Black)
Rs. 114,103 Rs. 19,397 Rs. 133,500
Yamaha YBR125G
(Red / Grey / Blue / Black)
Rs. 133,761 Rs. 22,739 Rs. 156,500
Yamaha YBR125
(Red / Blue / Black)
Rs. 128,632 Rs. 21,868 Rs. 150,500

The industry has seen a huge dip in overall sales. The only company in profit is Honda and that too, by a very small margin.

Here are the sales for each company.

Motorcycle Sales
S/R Model August 2018 August 2019 Difference (%)
1. Honda 80,012 80,014 +0.11
2. Suzuki 1,837 1,548 -15.5
3. Yamaha 2,123 1,988 -6.35
4. Road Prince 14,660 11,235 -23.4
5. United 33,350 30,091 -9.77

The overall industry has seen a decline of 9.91 percent when compared with last year. This is becoming a concern for the entire industry as sales continue to drop with each passing month.

However, the automakers have no one else to blame but themselves since they also continue to increase the price of their vehicles and bikes.

  • In addition, Atlas Honda also increased the price of its CG 125 and CB 150F at the beginning of this year. Last year it increased the prices no less than six times.

    Here are the new prices:
    Honda CG 125: Rs.115,500 ( Rs.1,000 increase in price)
    Honda CB 150F: Rs. 189,900 ( Rs.2,900 increase in price)

    • Climate Change worldwide including Pakistan and our region is facing challenges of the Change of Climate including earth quakes, rains, temperatures resulting in migration of population worldwide. The increase in price is absurd, a laughing stock for Yamaha, Suzuki which has to adhere to essentially launch two wheelers on EV with zero carbon emission.
      If they have to survive they should sell at 80% on the prices quoted in the article. Both Honda, Suzuki knows well what’s happen and going happen with Climate Change. Pakistan Climate Change Division planning visit at the international conference at Bonn in early October in Bonn, Germany which should essentially be visited by both Suzuki, Yamaha. Please consider giving your bikes in charity to the MOCC Ministry Pakistan to adhere to the climate which run on gasoline.

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