PTCL is Taking Its Digital Presence to the Next Level

In today’s connected world, digital has become one of the most significant mediums through which the brands connect with its customers. When compared to traditional marketing methods, Digital is considered cost-effective and has a wider reach that is not limited geographically.

Thus, many brands including startups and small enterprises with low budgets prefer it to conventional methods. Nevertheless, major brands and large enterprises have also joined the digital race, realizing its importance and seeing how it can bring them closer to their customers.

With over 1.3 million followers on Facebook, 178,000 followers on Twitter, 140,000 followers on LinkedIn and 13,000 followers on Instagram, PTCL boasts a large following on social media. Their content can be seen in three different ways: product push, branding, and CSR.

Product Push: A Must!

Being a commercial organization, brands have to talk about what they are selling and how it is different from others. For example, a lot of PTCL’s content also revolves around its products, services, and promotions.

Recently, they have been emphasizing on a collaboration with Netflix – customers can avail Netflix services and simply have the price added to their monthly bill.

In a country where people are cautious about making online payments, the national company managed to tap into a very large customer segment, as they are trustworthy.

They enabled customers to enjoy international content and family entertainment by providing them with a trusted environment thus removing customers’ barriers, who were afraid to make online transactions. Consumers positively responded to this initiative.

The company also focuses on promoting its own existing products – for the past year, there have been monthly promotions on PTCL CharJi. These promotions range from 1 month of unlimited data to getting double volume. They have also been running a promotional campaign on 40% off on installation charges.

One of their most successful Product Push campaigns was Fast Path – a feature by PTCL to reduce the ping during online gaming to enhance the gaming experience. The post received a reach of nearly 250k with an engagement rate of 9% and over 7000 interactions.

Branding: The Face of a Company!

PTCL is surely one of Pakistan’s oldest and leading telecom companies. Its brand has evolved from a landline to a leader in broadband provider across Pakistan. Not only is the brand most recognizable in the country, but it is also the most well-known company even in smaller towns and rural areas.

A brand that resonates with everyone regardless of age. Seeing the significance of digital presence, the company is active on all the major social media platforms. They have maintained an online presence as part of the digital strategy, which has resulted in more engagement from consumers, stakeholders, and the public in general.

They roll out daily updates regarding new initiatives, collaborations, campaigns, products, offers, promotions and much much more. The company has recently changed its tone slightly – rather than focusing solely on their consumer products, they are also shedding light on some of its B2B offerings.

Through their recent campaign, the company portrayed how they are the backbone of connectivity in Pakistan. From supporting other telecom operators to banks and from airports to railways under the tagline ‘PTCL bana un ka aitebar, jin pe hai apko aitebar’.

Branding posts by them are well received by consumers. Connecting with the national spirit of Pakistan, the company-sponsored ‘Sherdil’ and posted content on its digital platforms with a reach of over 5.5M, an engagement rate of 11%, and nearly 61k interactions.

CSR: Contributing for the Betterment of Communities

From supporting small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs by partnering with National Incubation Centers in Pakistan to promoting environmental conservation through partnerships with Ministry of Climate Change to reduce usage of plastic bottles, PTCL has involved itself in several CSR initiatives throughout the country, several of which were initiated by the company itself such as Box of Happiness, Ramzan Mehman, etc. under the umbrella of PTCL Razakaar.

As part of environmental protection, the company has taken initiative to reduce the usage of paper and has launched eBilling for its customers. The users have the option to get their bill through email instead of paper bills, thus reducing the company’s use of paper and help in saving trees. Amongst other initiatives, the company every year observes one-hour solidarity on occasion of Earth Hour to show its support towards the global cause.

PTCL’s public service message on health through their collaboration with LRBT to raise funds for people with impaired vision has more than 2M views and a reach of over 1M.

Going digital has an incredible influence on people’s way of thinking, interactions, work, purchases, and life habits. Companies need to have a firm grasp on how to utilize the digital universe to maximize their brand awareness and impact.

  • Ptcl worst ISP of nation they are still giving old unreliable adsl connections to people and had only upgraded to vdsl in areas where other private companies had taken their customers

    I am their user in Saadi Town Karachi which comew under malir exchange 90% of connections are on adsl facing daily frequent disconnection they from past 3 years they had installed only one msag for more than thousand broadband customers.

    People are using their services because they have no other ISP choice ptcl take advantage of this and keep customers on crappy old copper adsl connections even if they provide vdsl they cant opt for more than 8mb because of attenuation or distance from msag.

  • eBilling is a gimmick. Despite express request to send eBill only, they would continue to send paper bill. What else is there to conclude except that they are harvesting email addresses of unsuspecting customers?

  • Ptcl pensioner ka be kyal kre. Un ke haq main s.court fasla dya h. Mager un ko ni mel rah . Shame on ptcl

  • Worst service. I have applied for the new connection one month ago but have not received any response. Typical attitude of Pakistani government owned companies. They think someone should be bribed for helping you. Although I am using it but whenever make a complaint I am referred to another person. Looks that nobody wants to work knowing that he will get his salary even without working.

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