Tabba Heart Institute Promotes the Importance of a Healthy-Heart Lifestyle

Globally, World Heart Day is celebrated today on 29th September. It is celebrated mainly to aware the people around the globe about cardiovascular diseases which is one of the major causes of death. Health Checks, public talks, sports & games are some of the major events of World Heart Day.

Like every year, this year Tabba Heart Institute hosted an event “Dil hai to Jaan aur Jahan Hai” for World Heart Day to aware and inform citizens on how to minimize cardiovascular diseases. This Institution has been associated with this vital organ since 2005. They believe in the concept; that prevention from heart diseases is better than the cure where people are charged with money, and are at a risk for their lives.

This year the aim was to make people realize that cardiovascular diseases have become common even among teenagers. It is extremely important to incorporate the necessary changes in your lifestyle before it is too late. The main cause found out was smoking, poor diet and stress. Around 12 people die of these heart diseases in Pakistan, which means that in every 24 hours, almost a round figure of 300 individuals lose their lives to such diseases.

Prevention is better than cure is the main motto. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication but at least it saves you from an imminent death. Some steps that should be taken in order to prevent heart disease are as follow:

Smoking Kills:

These two words “Smoking Kills” is written on every packet of cigarette but we deny the warnings and still persist. Smoking increases your blood pressure and puts you at a higher rate for heart attacks.

Avoid Stress     

Stress is one of the main reasons behind strokes and heart attacks. It increases blood pressure. Some ways to manage stress are listening to music, good sleep, healthy diet and exercise, it is advantageous to have at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

Other Ways

Some other reasons to prevent heart strokes are as follows

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise Daily
  • Stay at a healthy weight.

With their event “Dil hai to Jaan aur Jahan Hai”, Tabba Heart Institute raised some important points on how to take care of your heart health. With multiple talks by health care professionals, nutritionists, and expert physicians, Tabba provided the perfect platform for people to raise questions and be more aware of what they need to do in order to lead a healthy heart life.

So, it’s time to pledge to ourselves to keep our hearts healthy for our loved ones and for ourselves… because at Tabba Heart Institute we believe that every heartbeat matters!