Punjab Warns Against The Use of 92 Fake Medicines

Nearly a hundred types of medicines being sold in Punjab have been declared counterfeit and unfit for consumption. A recent report of the Drug Testing Laboratories of Punjab has made this shocking revelation.

The report revealed that drug inspectors were collecting fake medicine from various stores during the last two months and have collected nearly 500 potentially spurious drugs from the market, which were sent in for a lab test.

The results have found that 92 brands were substandard and could cause health problems for patients.

The drug control unit of Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, after consulting with the Provencal Quality Control Board, has urged pharmaceutical companies to recall all such medicines.

The quality control department has called on all provincial distributors, hospitals administrations and retailers to recall the marked batch and send the stock to the Chief Drug Controller Office.

Meanwhile, the Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP) has also blacklisted many brands of whitening creams. These creams were found to have elements that may cause skin cancer.

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