Sindh Government Announces Plastic Bag Ban from 1st October

Sindh has announced a complete ban on the use of plastic bags in the province from tomorrow.

A notification issued from the Environment Climate Change & Coastal Development Department, says that there will be a blanket ban on manufacturing, sale, and usage of non-degradable plastic bags in Sindh.

“The government is invoking Sindh Prohibition of non-degradable plastic products (Manufacturing, Sale & Usage Rule 2014) … is pleased to impose a complete ban on manufacturing of non-degradable plastic bags of all sizes with immediate effect from first October 2019,” reads the notification.

It said that companies manufacturing Oxo-biodegradable bags will be allowed to continue producing bags of limited sizes.

The provincial government had announced a ban on plastic bags early in August. It had given a two-month notice to shift to biodegradable bags.

Adviser to Chief Minister of Sindh on Law, Anti-Corruption Establishment, and information, Senator Murtaza Wahab had shared the news on Twitter.

The government had also launched an awareness campaign in which people were informed about the harmful effects of using polythene bags.

  • If they will not stop the production of plastic bags or shut down the manufacturing factories, what kind of ” ban” are they talking about ? Heard this kind of talk many times before, I will believe it when I see it. It’s just lip service.

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