After Vitara & Alto, Pak Suzuki Increases Bike Prices As Well

After introducing a price hike for Vitara and Suzuki, Pak Suzuki has also increased the price for its GD and GS bike lineup.

The prices have been increased by up to Rs. 6,000 and the new prices will come into effect from 1st October 2019.

It is worth mentioning that Pak Suzuki recently increased the prices of its cars, which included Vitara and the newly-launched 660cc Alto.

Bike models included in the price hike include:

  • GD 110S
  • GS 150
  • GS 150 SE
  • GR 150

The new prices of these bikes are given as below:

Model Old Price (Rs.) New Price (Rs.) Difference (Rs.)
GD 110S 166,000 168,000 2,000
GS 150 175,000 178,000 3,000
GS 150 SE 191,000 194,000 3,000
GR 150 259,000 265,000 6,000

The auto industry is at its worst as the sales have dropped for every manufacturer, which has led them to close their plants for the time being.

The introduction of new auto manufacturers has not helped the industry, which was promised by the government. Despite given the ease to do business in Pakistan, the new entrants are also launching vehicles and bikes at competitive rates and not offering consumers any options.

It remains to be seen how things improve in the future, especially with government-imposed FED taxes also on the table.

  • Pakistan should consider other countries. Of course, safety measures has to improve.

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