Gautam Gambhir Gets Mocked By Fellow Indians For Unjust Remarks Against Imran Khan

Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir has been humiliated by Indian Twitterati for demanding Prime Minister Imran Khan’s excommunication from the cricket fraternity.


In reply to PM Khan’s hard-hitting speech at the UNGA, in which he exposed the RSS-BJP coalition and Modi’s Hitler-like fascist ideology, Gambhir tried to give him a lesson on ‘good behavior’ and ‘sportsmanship.’

Sportspeople are supposed to be role models. Of good behavior. Of Team spirit. Of ethics. Of the strength of character. Recently in the UN, we also saw a former sportsperson speak up. As a role model for terrorists.  @ImranKhanPTI should be excommunicated from the sports community.

Little did he know that his own people will stand against him in support of Pakistani premier.

Responding on his call, some sane Indian minds started bashing him for his inappropriate words for someone who is ‘larger than a life’ like of the premier. Note that PM Imran Khan has thousands of fans in India.

Prominent among them was an Indian author Prerna Bakshi:

Many Indians reminded him that he had no moral authority to criticize Imran Khan.

It should be mentioned here that the Delhi Police has charge-sheeted the Indian lawmaker in a property fraud case.


  • Indians truly are nice people if only they weren’t dominated by the higher caste people who consider themselves above their peers but equal to the white people for some reason.

  • 70-80% Kashmiris are jihadis so let face what they are facing now. Indian army will teach them morality, it takes time so be patient. These jihadis need 3rd degree treatment from army then they will understand the meaning of ‘HUMANITY’

    • How can you say that? I’m from the US and visited this region in the past and literally the people up there would let us in their homes and offer us tea and stuff. It seems you are stereotyping. And why would an army team people morality by 3rd degree treatment. Is that the right way?

    • So, in your view one should not defend one self when people are raping your woman , killing your kids and destroying your homes? Imagine this happens to you in your home, what would you do? Sit and watch?

      Humanity? You were kidding right?

  • Need correction/explanation

    It should be mentioned here that the Delhi Police has charge-sheeted the Indian lawmaker in a property fraud case.

    Indian lawmaker or cricketer?

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