Amazon Launches Kindle E-Reader for Kids

After years of offering the kids edition of the Amazon Fire Tablet, the company has now unveiled a kid’s version of its e-reader, keeping in mind how every parent is trying to reduce their kid’s screen time. The e-reader has its limitations which may become its strengths and weaknesses at the same time.

The Kindle Kids Edition is Amazon’s first-ever e-reader aimed at kids. Basically, it is just a repurposed standard kindle, similar to what Amazon did with Echo Dot.

Thanks to the limitations of the e-reader, the kids can neither play games nor access the internet, but the company has added features that will make it a lot more interesting than the standard kindle.

Just like the Amazon Fire Tablet, the Amazon Kindle for kids has four main features:

  • The device that features specifications identical to Amazon’s latest entry-level Kindle i.e. a six-inch 167 PPI E-ink screen with a front light and the standard weeks-long battery.
  • A durable and colorful case for protection.
  • Two-year guarantee. Amazon says the company will replace the device for free in case anything happens. This includes breakages.
  • One year of Amazon’s FreeTime service which offers more than 20,000 kid-friendly books, videos, and applications. However, for the kindle, only the books will be useful.

Apart from the above-mentioned main specifications, the company has also added new features like ‘word wise’ that automatically defines a difficult word on the page, ‘flashcards’ that convert the lookup words into flashcards for later use and lastly the built-in dictionary.

The Amazon Kindle Kids Edition is currently available for pre-order at $109.99 and will start shipping by 30th October.

  • Kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, Audible books, and games on compatible Fire, Android, iOS and Kindle devices.”
    Sounds like a compelling offer, but I’m not sure I want Amazon deciding what content is suitable.

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