Nayatel Launches Unlimited Internet Packages

Pioneering Fiber to the Home services in Islamabad, Nayatel, has finally launched unlimited Internet packages for its home customers. After successfully launching high-speed packages recently, the telecom company is now shifting towards Unlimited packages.

Keeping in view the customers’ demand, buying power and trends, the service provider brings unlimited internet packages of 10 Mbps and 15 Mbps at affordable rates.

No longer bound by day & night times, the packages introduce unlimited uploads & downloads round the clock with the same reliability that is the signature of Nayatel customer experience.

For further details, you can visit:

To signup online, you can apply here: and get a Rs. 500 discount for the limited time offer.

  • 10, 15 mbs! Looks like they are living in stone age. 50mb is min package in the world and they are still stuck at 15 mb. Such a shame. Looks like we will not hear any good news in this stupid 5 year pti term.

    • I didnt know Nayatel was owned by PTI. Also I wasnt aware that they were providing 100mb in last government and this stupid government has downgraded a private company. Please knock on your knee so your brain starts working

      • PTCL is govt. right? and who is in govt? oh its pti! NEWSFLASH. So when will PTI remove taxes on the internet, that’s pti jurisdiction right? You’re the textbook definition of incel. I feel sorry for you man. PTI can’t handle criticism very well its seems. Then why accuse MQM of censoring and mafia ways when pti react in the same manner.

    • arey bhi ye patwari aur youthia dono he pagal hain in ke moo lag ke time zaya nai karo. PTI and PMLn both are losers parties, only losers join them.

  • i hate these lowkey press releases… nayatel has such huge support which amaze me. probably because they have better tv quality and ptcl was sleeping last 10 years…. if only people realise that ptcl gpon is 10 folds better than nayatel if available!

    • PTCL have improved a lot. But still people are discontinuing it due to high rates and quality still not comparable with others.

      • comparing apple to apple here… bhai!

        fiber to fiber PTCL is far superior to nayatel, period!
        * faster speeds
        * lager data caps (fair usage policy applies to both)
        * support and downtime is better with PTCL fiber.
        * open system compared to nayatel which is closed you cant even use your own router with difference options like dns, vpn, etc

  • Losers role models are also losers hahaha. Like pti role model is imran zani playboy hahahah

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