Airblue Plane Avoids Crash Landing After Another Bird Strike in Lahore

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has failed to control bird strike incidents at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport, as another airplane barely escaped an accident on Monday morning after it was struck by a bird moments after taking off.

According to details, an Airblue’s flight PA-401 was hit by a bird after it took off from the airport. The pilot, however, successfully landed it back at the airport, where it was grounded for repairs and maintenance.

The engineers cleared the plane after a detailed inspection.

The abundance of birds in the surrounding areas of the airport is a long-standing issue. The CAA officials, after every failed attempt, have now sought bird shooters to scare them away.

Bird shooters use various tricks to create a distraction, such as shooting blanks in the air, using firecrackers or patrolling the runway.

Effective measures are the need of the hour because, in recent months, various bird strike incidents have been reported, which not only disturb the flight schedule at the airport but also damages the planes.

In the past seven months alone, over 36 PIA planes have been hit by birds, which has led to losses in millions of rupees to the national airline, sources said. The sources further added that 8 of the planes were heavily damaged.

  • Raza rizvi is the idiot here who is just there to fill the stories based on his narrow approach. I thought pro Pakistani was a reliable source. Admin must ask for explanation from this reporter
    If an aircraft has avoided a serious plane crash; how come it has been cleared so early? Your stupidity speaks volumes when you said CAA has failed to control bird strikes yet you do not have the slightest clue about the exponentially building up housing societies, marquees and failure of local admin to properly dispose off garbage in approach and take off path and in the surroundings of airport. Being an air traffic controller and having worked in Lahore, let me enlighten your foolish mind. Hundreds of crackers are fired every day. Six bird shooters have been deployed along the runway. Two vans continuously patrol the runway before landing and take-off to curtail bird activity. Pathetic reporting.

  • Greetings from Pakistan !
    Despite the bird hit incident at Lahore, the airport indicated in the picture above is not the one of Lahore.
    Secondly the airplane bearing the airline insignia and Pakistan flag is not a Pakistan registered one, AP- is Pakistan registeration code.
    Anticipating the action should be taken by AirBlue.
    Many thanks.

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