Motorbike Sales Drop by 19.5% in First Quarter of FY2019-20

The Pakistan Automobile Manufacturing Association (PAMA) has reported that the motorcycle sector saw the sales fall by 19.48% during the first quarter of the current fiscal year as compared to the same period last year.

In this time frame, around 367,656 motorcycles and three-wheelers were sold as compared to the same period last year where 456,626 units were sold. Honda saw their sales drop by 11.62% to 235,116 units as compared to 266,029 last year.

Suzuki motorcycles’ sales plunged by 11.34% to 5,018 units from 5,660 units last year. In the case of Yamaha motorbikes, sales fell by 1.16%, to 6,212 units from 6,285 units last year.

United Auto motorcycles witnessed their sales go from 109,512 units to 81,012 units, an overall fall of 26.02%. For Road Prince motorcycles, sales nose-dived by 35.02%, from 45,247 units to 29,399 units. Whilst, three-wheelers manufactured by Road Prince oversaw a small hike in their sales by 2.51% to 1,628 units from 1,588 units

Qingqi three-wheelers saw this sales drop by 69.43%, from 5,566 units to 1,701 units, and in the case of United Auto three-wheelers, they fell by 55.88%, from 3,176 units to 1,401 units.

  • Government should increase taxes to cover the cost of corruption which the government employees do then tax even more to cover undisclosed sales and incomes and even more tax to cover the reduction in revenue which is caused by lowered business activity(due to higher import duties and taxes and energy costs) , then tax even more to sustain itself while looking at nosediving businesses then lose election and let’s restart the corruption-of-people-and-government cycle!

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