Buy Now, Pay Later: Bank Alfalah Introduces Alfa Easy Installments

Bank Alfalah’s lifestyle banking app, Alfa, has an entire AlfaMall for online shopping offering the best variety of latest products ranging from Mobile Phones to air-conditioners and from women’s clothing to home appliances, groceries, electronics, accessories and more at competitive prices.

One of the good things about AlfaMall other than any being an online shopping platform is a recently added payment option– Alfa Easy Installments. This is a buy now, pay later facility by Bank Alfalah which can be availed on any product available on AlfaMall via the Alfa App.

How it Works

Alfa Easy Installments is a smooth, end-to-end digitized, buy-now-pay-later process through which you can apply for financing anytime, anywhere. Just browse through AlfaMall to find your item of choice, add to cart, simply select Alfa Easy Installments as the payment method, choose repayment tenure (3 or 6 months) and shop away!

The eligible loan amount is up to Rs. 50,000 but the shopping doesn’t end there, you can make combination payments and book an iPhone X for Rs. 174,999/- by paying 124,999/- through account or card and get the remaining amount booked on loan.

Your payment to the merchant is made instantly with zero processing fees or tiresome paperwork at a rate of only 30% per annum. In addition to this, you can easily track & repay your installments through Alfa. It is a complete online shopping experience where you can go cashless shopping effortlessly.

And if you repay within the first 15 days of purchase, the loan is without any mark-up charges, i.e. pay only the retail price.

See the video tutorial here:

Who is Eligible?

This facility is currently extended to all Bank Alfalah Account and Credit Cardholders and is expected to open up to more new customers in the near future.

Download Alfa here

  • Sood! Pakistanis will go on the same path as majority of people in the west. i.e. Everything on interest and whole life is about buying stuff on installments and then repaying until death.

  • Only 30% per annum, what a joke. You can buy things from local installement stores on markup between 15 to 25%

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