Xiaomi Unveils High-End Earphones and a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

After releasing several earphones/earbuds in the budget price segment, Xiaomi is now announcing a flagship product, and its quality shows in its class. Xiaomi’s new HiFi Hybrid flagship earphones are targeted at audiophiles who are willing to pay extra to get premium quality on the go.

These flagship earphones have 4 drivers, 2 dynamic ones and 2 armature units. Together, these 4 driver units provide richer audio. They are also Hi-Res certified with high-resolution sound quality.

Users can connect these earphones via USB C/3.5mm jack or choose to go completely wireless via Bluetooth connectivity. They are equipped with a silicon layer for bass, and a titanium composite for the treble. They also come with gold plated MMCX connectors, which are not only durable but also easily replaceable if damaged.

Xiaomi says that the cables themselves are silver coated over oxygen-free copper.

Another great feature in these earphones is that their sound chamber is made out of Zirconia, making it even more durable and resilient to high temperatures.

Xiaomi’s HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphones will go on sale on November 11 for $170.

Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C

Another product on Xiaomi’s list of releases is the Mijia Robot Vacuum 1C. It falls into Mijia’s popular robot vacuum cleaner lineup which has now been revised with new features and an affordable price tag yet again.

It comes equipped with a smart electronically controlled 200ml water tank with superb suction power. It also features an improved visual navigation system which helps quickly create navigation maps around the house to clear out cleaning points rapidly and with more accuracy. There is an Omnivision camera sensor which further aids the vacuum cleaner in drawing maps so it can maintain a smooth and steady patrol around the house.

Hardware specifications include a CortexTM-A7 Quad-core processor, a dual-core Mali 400 image processing unit, and the VSLAM algorithm which gives the vacuum cleaner efficient computing power. This helps determine the robot’s exact location and aid it in drawing an intelligent work path.

The Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C is currently going for $183 for pre-orders at the Xioami Mall.

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