PIA Starts Earning Millions Through Paint Jobs for Foreign Customers

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has earned Rs. 17 million in over less than two weeks with a paint job for a foreign customer.

The airline announced this on its Facebook page, saying that the experienced PIA team took only ten days to complete the intricate paint job.

We have done it again! We completed a paint job in just ten days for a foreign customer and earned 17 million PKR from it! We executed the intricate paint job with custom made stencils.

The airline did the job for ATR 72 aircraft 9S-AAD of Fly CAA Company from Congo.

However, PIA’s Maintenance department is capable of much more than that. The department recently developed an in-house facility to repair Cessna – small aircraft primarily used for flight training and personal use.

The airline’s Engineering & Maintenance wing is now capable of indigenously fixing large planes with a maximum take-off weight of 570 kgs.

  • PIA Now means Painters in Action. Wow what a great idea to become a painter for other airlines. Instead of focusing on new lucrative routes they only concentrate on generating revenue through these mediocre means. Will nit be surprised later when PIA engineers fixing toilets if other airlines.

    • My humble opinion is that this is extra marginal revenue…why not avail of it. Everyone is looking to diversify revenue sources. The maintenance guys are not going to be planning new routes. In any case the revenue per hour for a paint job is probably much higher than revenue per hour (per seat per kilometer) earned from an average flight lets say with 250 passengers. Just some thoughts I wanted to share from my perspective as an ex board member of a middle eastern airline :)

  • I considerthis really good news. Its a diversification of revenue sources at the least. Beat wishes to PIA team.

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