Xioami is Crowdfunding an Affordable Recliner/Massage Chair

Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform is bringing an affordable massage chair in collaboration with Momoda. Just like previous Momoda chairs, this one is also loaded with features and bears a highly competitive price of $400.


The chair can massage the legs, back, and neck/shoulders. Its recline feature even works next to walls, so the chair can easily be placed in corners to save space.

The seat is covered in soft PU leather from head to toe, this helps keep the chair comfortable. The leg region is equipped with 12 airbags that expand and contract to help with blood flow and relieve stiffness.

The back region has multiple heating pads that can be heated all-together or one by one after intervals. The neck/shoulders region is equipped with 6 roller wheels which are programmed to mimic the movements of a professional massage. These can be adjusted to suit different user heights.

There is a control panel on the chair’s right arm to operate all of its functions.

As mentioned before, the Xiaomi Momoda massage chair is currently going for $400. It is only available in China for now, but could possibly see an international release in the future.


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