KASB Launches Video Blogs to Teach About Investing & Managing Your Savings.

KASB is the oldest capital markets business in Pakistan, which was established in 1952. KASB Group has brought in more than $10bn of global investment into Pakistan across various sectors. It has also been a pioneer in retail trading with its brand KASB Direct.

KASB’s new fintech app, “Ktrade.pk” is the Robinhood of Pakistan. It allows users to not only invest in stocks but also learn about financial investments by getting access to real-time stock prices, price charts and demo trading using a virtual account.


KASB’s goal is to drive financial inclusion by providing access to products for savings and investments to the common people. In order to enhance the level of financial literacy in Pakistan, KASB has now launched an Investor Education portal with short videos about the why, how and when of investments.

In the videos, the team of KASB will be facilitating people to take better financial decisions by giving them an understanding on Why to Invest, How to Trade, How to Evaluate Stocks, What is Technical Analysis, Why should Investor Diversify and so on.

It is just one of the several initiatives the company has taken to educate people on stock market opportunities and overall economic outlook.

“Our target is to get 2 million people to use Ktrade.pk to manage their savings and investments in stocks and mutual funds in Pakistan. We think lack of financial literacy is the main hurdle. Ktrade empowers our clients to make more informed investment decisions with greater ease”, said Ali Farid Khwaja, the Managing Director of KASB Securities.

Prior to joining KASB, Mr. Khwaja was the CFO of SafeCharge Group, a fintech company listed on London Stock Exchange, which was recently acquired by Nuvi from Canada for $900m. He was also a Partner at Autonomous Research, which was acquired by Alliance Bernstein. He was ranked a Top 3 Technology Analyst in Europe by Thomson Reuters in 2013.

YouTube Video: Why Should We Save or Invest? – Investor Education

KASB has recently opened an office in Washington DC. It now has offices in Karachi, London and the US. The US office is managed by Aadil Khan who was previously the head of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at Harris Williams in the US”.

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