Government Slashes National Savings Profit Rates for Various Schemes

The government has reduced the profit rates on various National Savings’ schemes, effective from November 1, 2019.

According to a directive issued by the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS),

  • Profit rates on the Defence Saving Certificate have been cut by 2.33% to 10.68%.
  • On Pension Behbood the rate has been cut by 2.28% to 12.48%.
  • 2.04% reduction on Regular Income Certificate to 10.92%.
  • 1.70% drop on Special Saving Certificate to 11%.
  • On saving accounts, the rate has been slashed by 2.05% to 8.20%.

Since July 1, 2019, the rates were 12.90% for Special Saving Certificates, 12.96% for Regular Income Certificates, 13.01% for Defence Saving Certificates and 14.76% for Behbood Saving Certificates and pensioners benefit certificates.

This has been done in line with declining secondary market yields on bonds. Since the last few months, the yield on secondary market bonds has been declining and the economic experts believe that this was expected that the government was going to cut the rates at some point.

  • The reduced rates are only applicable on new certificate purchases. Already purchased certificates continue to enjoy the previous higher rates. This is as per the standard policy of National Savings.

    • Thank God.You removed worries of many purchasers of BSC,who purchased certificates previous 01Nov2019.Rgds

      • Govt. Decrease rates on 6th Nov.
        but applicable w.e.f 01 Nov. very strange who is responsible for five days depositors. Must be challenge in court.

    • Standard policy of national saving change of rates, always w.e.f date of announcement , not w.e.f previous five days. Violation of rules must be correct.

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