Yamaha YB125Z 2020 Shows Up in a Leaked Image

Recently, Atlas Honda was in the news for listening to their customers and introduced a brand new sticker for its CG125 2020. Now, Yamaha Motors Pakistan has followed suit and introduced its YB125Z 2020 Model with an ‘All downshift gear pattern’ and a new sticker.

Yamaha YB125Z 2020

The launch of Yamaha’s YB125Z, a family commute motorbike, was made possible due to the successes of the YBR125 and YBR125G, which were introduced in 2015.

While the YB125Z has achieved relative success, the introduction of gear shifting was deemed necessary for a smoother and easier experience, and to edge out the competition.

The new Yamaha YB125Z comes in Blue, Red and Black colors and has a price tag of Rs. 136,500.

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  • Finally we the Nation has forced Yamaha to change the international gear shift pattern i.e. return shift into local pattern in order to spread their product acceptance.

  • Pakistani awam ko bas shashkay chahye.. na comfort na improvement chaye na new features bas new sticker every year lol. Yamaha is the only one who introduced the widely used all up gear pattern but sadly it will be all down gear again.

    The YBZ 2018 model color scheme and stickers are much better than this one.

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