Graana Opens Another Chapter in Lahore

Continuing its mission to drive innovation in the real estate sector, Graana Group of Companies has opened its third office in the country. Graana has come to Lahore to take forward its tradition of ensuring transparency, security and safety in the property sector of Pakistan.

Speaking at the inauguration of Graana Lahore office, Graana Group of Companies Chairman Shafiq Akbar stated that with the potential to generate trillions of dollars in revenue, real estate is the only sector that can revive the economy of Pakistan. He said that the majority of the world’s entire wealth was in the form of real estate. Graana Group of Companies aims to tap into the potential real estate holds, and to revitalize the sector.

The Chairman also said that the Group was working to ensure the provision of transparent, safe and secure services for buying, selling and investment. He stressed that the Group’s aim is to provide good service instead of focusing solely on generating profits.

Graana Group Director Farhan Javed took to the occasion to acknowledge Graana Group’s efforts and actions to bring positive changes in the country’s real estate sector using a combination of sustainable development and technology.

Graana Group Director Sales Sharjeel A. Ehmer said that the inauguration of the Lahore office is a milestone in Graana’s journey and that this new chapter in Graana’s book will take the Group forward in its mission to facilitate transparent and secure real estate buying, selling, and investment opportunities to the public, and the vision to revamp the property sector of the country.

PropSure Director Taimoor Abbasi talked about the importance the city of Lahore holds in terms of culture, heritage, and real estate. He said he believed the new office in Lahore would help further reform the beautiful city of Lahore in terms of real estate.

Graana Group of Companies takes pride in introducing the smartest real estate portal of Pakistan,, and takes forward its vision to revolutionize and transform the real estate sector of Pakistan.