This is What The iPhone 11 Series Will Cost in Pakistan

It’s official. The latest iPhone lineup from Apple, comprising of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max has arrived in Pakistan in all its color variants. Customers can pre-book their favorite iPhone 11 today at key locations across the country.

This means that all key specs and features, including the wildly popular FaceTime, will now be available in Pakistan. The news has generated a lot of hype amongst tech enthusiasts and fans alike. Apple has assigned a unique country code (ZP/A) to ensure that only genuine and authentic Apple products reach buyers in Pakistan.

Celebrities, iconic sportsmen, influencers, and leading designers have already pre-booked their favorite iPhones from the upcoming iPhone 11 Series.

iPhone 11 series Prices in Pakistan:

iPhone 11:
  • 64 GB – Rs. 173,499
  • 128 GB – Rs. 182,299
  • 256 GB – Rs. 200,999
iPhone 11 Pro:
  • 64 GB – Rs. 229,999
  • 256 GB – Rs. 258,499
  • 512 GB – Rs. 296,499
iPhone 11 Pro Max:
  • 64 GB – Rs. 248,499
  • 256 GB – Rs. 276,999
  • 512 GB – Rs. 315,499


Where can you pre-book from?

Pre-booking is open at the following locations:

Karachi: iTech, Clifton Centre Website: iTechpk

Lahore: iStore Outlets: Cavalry Ground, Pace, and DHA. Website: istore

Lahore: Airlink Flagship Store, Xinhua Mall Website: Airlinkcommunication

Future Tech: 202, 2nd Floor, Emerald Tower, G-19 Block V, Clifton Website: Futuretech from 11th November onwards

Availability in Stores:

The official products, with specially designed QR Code Seals, will be available from 15th November across all major cities in Pakistan through Apple Authorized Resellers and Airlink Communication Ltd.

All details about Apple products, availability, pricing, offers and more can be found at


If you are interested in this phone, make sure you check out the iPhone 11 Pro Max Price in Pakistan and it’s specs. It looks great on the specs sheet.

    • In the EU that happened some years back, when youngsters sold cars, bought smart devices. New to Pk. Now they’ll take AirLift, Swvl or other app., transport for value of their money is smart device.

  • how reliable this if we buy apple products from here. Can you guarantee?

    • Too much reliable and secure, because you already pay them 35% more price copmared to open market. LOL

      • Can you put the open market prices here and prove its 35% more. I went to the market last week and the smuggled iPhone 11 128GB non warranty was being sold at 140,000 without tax, and at Rs. 180,000 after duty paid by the same retailer. Now compare that price with above. Don’t mislead people if you have no idea what open market pricing retailers are ripping to a customer with.

  • What an absolute waste of good money. In reality, it is not worth even a tenth of the price. The New Pakistan government should put a total ban of iPhones. Imran Khan was busy putting duties / ban on the import of such “luxury’ items as cheese, chocolates, etc. He should have started with waste-of-money items such as luxury mobile phones.

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