Xiaomi Launches Electric Bike That Folds to the Size of an A3 Paper

Xiaomi’s sub-brand Himo is a company known for producing environment-friendly products. They have a wide variety of electric bikes and the latest one on the Youpin crowdfunding platform is the Himo H1.

The Himo H1 is the most portable electric bike that has been produced so far since it can be folded into a size no bigger than a sheet of A3 paper. All of its components are foldable including the handlebar.

It is a Transformers themed electric bike that weighs 13kg. Its handlebar has height adjustment settings and has an LED display in the middle. There is a power button directly on top of the LED display.

Hardware-wise, the bike is powered by a 180W DC motor that allows the scooter to go as fast as 18km/h. It has a 6000 mAh detachable battery that takes 5 hours to charge and can power the scooter for 30km. It has an estimated lifespan of 2 years.

It is currently going for a crowdfunding price of $426. There is no word on international availability yet.